Stunted growth and curled leaves/leaf

We’re on day 22 from popping out of the ground. The rest of plants look very healthy. However, this one plant always seemed to be a little held back. The leaves looked a nice green, but always seemed small.

Now, I do believe this to be a light intensity issue. I’ve been pushing them a bit hard with light. I’ve been watching them pretty closely. Some of plants have very slight yellow tips on a few leaves. That has been off and on for a week or so. I’ve dialed back the light a little to around 1300k lux.

So, if this is a result of light intensity, what’s the best course of action? I could dial it back more and leave it for a week to see if the plant does better. Just not a fan since the rest of the plants look pretty happy with the light.

I’m using dry organic amendments, so I haven’t done anything besides PH and water. I did make one tea as a result of seeing the yellow tips in case it was nute related.

All look fine. Might be a bit of nutrient burn, but I wouldn’t be concerned.


First grow here. Any suggestions based on what you see here?

Looks like you’re doing just fine. Nice grow.

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I wouldn’t worry about the smaller one. It’s most likely genetics, just like parents that can have 2 kids that are 5’10" and another than is 5’7". We’ve seen smaller plants in some cases that end up yielding more than the other.

All of your plants look pretty healthy and I don’t see anything to worry about.

Thanks! I appreciate it. Makes me feel at ease.