Stunted First Grow?

My plants are 16 days old and looking VERY small. This is my first grow so I’m sure I’m doing a lot wrong, but thought I’d see if there’s anything I can do to help them without spending anymore money (currently laid off)? And help would be appreciated.


Size is about right for that age. You do have some deficiencies ad I zoomed in and could see the problem areas but in a blurple light, it hides everything that is wrong with the plant.

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Give it time to grow. Right now it’s establishing a root system.

Did I mention it’s an autoflower?

Also, what kind of deficiencies are you thinking? My soil ph won’t drop below 7.5 even after adding vinegar…

Welcome aboard !The size of your seedlings look nice for 16 days. If you post a picture in natural light, you’ll get better feedback.

They are autos. I was under the impression they’re supposed to be bigger.


The root system will develop before you see a lot of foliage. If possible fill out the support ticket will also get you more feedback, especially about your pH level You mentioned.

I’m growing autos for the first time, after day 14 you can almost watch them grow check out “Roy’s first autoflower grow” in grow journals

I’m no expert on deficiencies as I don’t have to deal with those problems. Its the 3rd photo down.

It maybe just water got spilled on the leaf. The tip is covered in the black circle and it looks like it got burnt either nutrient and or tip was touching the soil. It looks to be the latter.

Top growth looks good so you maybe in the clear. Just keep a close eye on it because it can turn south real fast.