Stunted colas 2 weeks into flower

I have 5 Purple Haze plants that were grown from seed that have been manifolded, Ph’d to 6.5, under 2-700 watt Mars hydro II lights and fed FF soil trio per schedule. 2 weeks into flower and 4 look great with defining colas, the other has stumped me. All 8 main colas on the one plant have stopped growing and the branches that were on the nodes below them are now 8" taller than the colas. Has anyone experienced this? I’ve searched everywhere and have not seen this condition. They’re in FFOF, in a 4x4 grow room, temp/humidity is at 78/45 lights on, 68/52 lights off . its acting as if the colas were topped.

That’s just the genetic’s of that seed - you will have to make adjustments for the short plant to keep at other’s length. What you are experiencing is Normal - nothing’s wrong !!!

Thanks Steve! as you can see in the first picture it’s keeping up with the rest of the plants as far as height goes. They’re all about 18" tall. I did notice some splotching this morning on that one plant on some of the new growth, as shown in the second photo. Any thoughts?

This helped me. Beautiful plants

Thanks JJ! Nice chart!!

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I got it from someone on here. Ilgm is the best.

Since the plant issue is only limited to one leaf - would just keep an eye out for more

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Steve, looks like you were right about genetics. I’ve got 4 clones from the same plant that haven’t been topped and the branches have all reached the height of the main cola. In 5 weeks I’ll know if it’s a good or bad thing.

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Keep posted !!! about the issue of the leaf

this is an UN-topped clone of the same plant. All the side branches are growing at the same height as the main. 3 other clones with the same characteristics. Very strange genetics! As you can see in the second pic, all the feeder leaves have the same yellow mottling as the mother.On the mother it goes away as the leaves get bigger. Mom is in a 5 gallon smart pot and the babies in 2 gallon smart pots. All coming up on 3 weeks of 12/12.