Stunted Autoflower weird growth pattern

Does anybody know why this plants leaves are growing so long in flower? This is my first grow using Mars Hydro UV45 lights. Maybe these are the cause ? And is this growth ok ? Ive heard IR light can cause leaf growth.


It’s just the ruderalis genes expressing.
I’ve grew a few Alaskan Diesel autoflowers lately and all them had 1, 2, and 3 fingered leafs. Ive had other autos like this aswell so im inclined to think it’s genetics and nothing you’ve done to cause it.

Those Alaskan Diesel was all fire though :grin:


Thanks for the reply . I feel better now.

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Yup… looks like simple genetics


I have the exact same thing happening to a stunted Purple Punch Auto, she just grows short and stubby and leafs are mostly 3-5 fingered. Just genetics as all others said, I realise more and more that autos are a dice throw regarding result


Looks like it is re-veging.
Single blade and stretch is my keying clue.
Light leak during dark time possible?
Short, not a problem.
Video on You-Tube with Dr B Bugby and Migro, good video.

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Thats exaclty what plants do when they go back into veg. It could be light from one of the elctronics in the tent hitting that bud hard during lights out time. Id check to make sure i have no light pollution first if not id say genetics.

Absolutely correct, there is some pretty stable autoflower genetics out there such as f5 or IBL autoflower seeds but ya gotten do a little extra research to know exactly what you’re getting :wink:

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So this is inaccurate, I respect Migro and Bugbee both, very knowledgeable people with great informative videos.

But lack of streach and weird twisted leafs are signs of re-veging :thinking:
I’d be interested in seeing the vedios if ya got a link, I subscribe to both and haven’t seen this discussion, alm in the pursuit of spreading the latest accurate information of course :wink:

Nppe its not what plants do when tjey re-veg. Its literally the opposite.
Just re-veging in the search bar here and see what a reveg plant looks like :+1:

And Dr Bruce Bugbee has a very informative video on how much light is to much in the dark period and aost no chance of a tiny indication light being enough.

Happy growing :grin:


I respect them both. I mis-spoke and tied together a recommendation for viewing their video with my personal opinion from recent re-veg routine, seen three times this past year. Personally, I got no clue about the ruderalis genes expressing, except having seen them caused by stress or lighting issues.

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Yeah im thinking maybe stress caused the ruderalis genes to come out . And this isnt re-veg. THIS IS A AUTOFLOWER. And even if they was Photo period. Ive got my light schedule and tent dialed in. No chance for Re-Veg.

Here is a plant i put outside to early. I started to go to flower. I brought it back inside and this is what it looks like going back into veg. 1 and 3 piece leaf