Stunted at 22 days

I have an outdoor, 22 day from sprout, GSCE from ILGM. She’s barely 3" tall, 3" wide, yes inches. First week was horrible, and the sun just hasn’t been out much. Long story, but…

Being an auto, do I have to worry about her trying to go in to flower soon?

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An auto will do what it do. She’s putting down roots.

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Haven’t had ideal weather. She’s never looked tired or kinda wilted or anything. It took a week to dry her, and I’ll show a pic when I go water finally, because she looks tiiiiired. Not sickly, just like she is finally getting a little rest because she’s been damp and working every single day.

Terrible year for growing in north east to much rain no sun, again today erg. Your little one is late to the party, a month behind mine. At least it is an auto it will come to the end. 22 days from sprout still rowing legs should perk up soon. luck…

Much thanks! Weather here usually is usually monsoon like for a couple weeks beginning in May. But then turns to sweltering, brain melting heat until mid September or so. Yesterday was the third whole day, in two months that it wasn’t some kind of rainy. I’m confident she’ll hang on for the whole ride, just hope she doesn’t stay dwarfed and I end up with a wet ⅛ lol

Well the sun hit her and she immediately perked up…


She’ll be dried out enough this afternoon that in the morning I can give her a good soak again. Been almost a week. I have blackstrap molasses and kelp on the way. Does the molasses attract pests at all?

It might. I’m a less is more type of grower. When I use molasses in my teas, I use about a tsp. per gallon. Then I cut that with an equal part of plain water. By the time I pour it on the plants, the bacteria in the tea will have consumed the majority of the sugars.

New for this year are nematodes (S.feltiae). I’m adding them to all my plants and the insect problems of last year have mostly dissipated

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So by the time you mix your molasses and water, that first gallon can make two gallons? Did I read that correct?

I’m kind of the same way. I feel like light feeding gives the rest of the plant that the nutes aren’t directed towards a chance to keep up pace. Just work on the stretch til flower, then bulk her up.

I usually brew about 4 gallons of tea. Add that to 4 gallons of water. I then split it between my plants. When you brew a tea, you’re brewing up a batch of microbes and bacteria that will convert that sugar into things the plants need. I don’t think of it as feeding the plant as much as I’m feeding the soil.

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Gotcha. I have an indoor that I have to give her first routine watering this weekend after transplanting her last. I want to give her a good molasses/kelp mix every other water for next six weeks or so til flower. I gotta say, for the little work that goes into it, yours as well as others tips here and there, make it not seem so much like work. Really appreciate the knowledge.


I’ll warn you now, I’m lazy. My techniques have been defined as abusive. I can keep my plants both hungry and thirsty. I bend, twist, cut, fold, spindle and mutilate. It is not uncommon for me to cut out half the plant’s growth at one time. The fact is, I enjoy doing it. While it doesn’t occupy a lot of my time physically (remember, I’m lazy), I spend a lot of time thinking and planning my grows.

Take this White Widow as an example.

Cloned her last month, put her in a quart bag and basically forgot her. Found her the other day between some banana plants. She had roots growing out of her bag. We’ve had some rain, but more than that we have the humidity. Always.

I put her in a 3 gallon pot yesterday and thought about what I was going to do to her passed “making her into a bush”. Got up this morning, got some coffee and spent about 5 minutes on her. (It would have been less except I was taking pictures.)

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Lol nobody said they had to stand up pretty to make a good harvest. I saw a journal yesterday that made yours look like they were treated by Mother Teresa. Some branches twisted nearly 720°. End of their flower though looked like a dream, though.


Even still being a newbie, I can still see myself adopting methods more like what you’ve kind of explained. For personal growing. I have dreams I want to make happen in the next few years so I’m going to have to science the crap out of a looooooooooot of it.

@Arrow comes to mind. Mind blowing how beautiful they can look.


@oldmarine I got my molasses and kelp and was wondering if you might be able to share some brewing info. I intend to give my 2 outside girls a gallon each tomorrow morning and my inside girl a gallon on Sunday morning. Much appreciation!!

Edit: I reread and saw a teaspoon per gallon, then cut with a gallon. I’m just not sure on the actual “brewing process”

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So I brew my tea as I need it. I never save it for later.

I add whatever is at hand. Kelp, manure, worm castings, bat guano, fish guts, whatever. I aerate it with a bubbler for about a day. Cut with water and feed to my plants.