Stumped.... Mystery seed packaged with WWA?

I snatched up a 10 for 10 WWA’s specials from ILGM, I know plants can have a mind of their own and genetics aren’t guaranteed unless you clone.

I started 5 WWA on 8/9, which makes them 8 weeks tomorrow. 4 girls have beautiful kolas going, considering I faced bug issues and or Leaf Septoria.

My concern is this one girl in particular, she is WAYYYYYYY behind her sisters (she JUST started blooming :scream:), will 4 weeks be enough for her to catch up?

So I guess my question is- same strain or did I get lucky with a diffrent strain?

Same strains. I had a wwa take 2 months before it flowered

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Yikes…that puts me harvesting this one end of Nov, beginning of December :scream:.

Yeah, but that 1 plant should be huge by then. Christmas present to yourself

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What’s the lowest sustained temps for outdoor growing? We usually don’t get “winter” until January, Christmas attire for us is shorts, t-shirts and flip flops but there are some nights that dip to 40 and below but not for a long period of time.

You can normally get away with 2 maybe 3 lite frost before you have to really worry

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They sell frost blankets for Rose’s… or you could fab up something out of the same material… I just through out 3 photos that I kicked into flower a week prior indoors… we shall see what happens… :wink:
I will use frost blankets when needed… :wink:


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I feel ya! I had some very strange differences in my ILGM seeds as well. 2 Amnesia Haze auto plants don’t even look like they’re the same strain; forget about phenotypical differences. I also had a whole batch of buy 10, get 10 seeds that only germinated at about 20% success. I was sent a few replacements after a couple weeks of writing to them and posting on here. THEN, the only plant diseases I got this grow (still going) has been on ILGM plants - Botrytis on one and stem rot on a WW auto. Too many problems for my liking with one common denominator. I’m going to grow the rest of the seeds I have next spring but I’m going to consider them as almost throw-always and plant my ‘real’ garden with other genetics. You ain’t alone, brother!