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Back to growing stopped for the winter due to house being to cold but I’m back at in a new much better house and an all new set up
Tent is 3x3x6 Mars hydro honestly a bit dissatisfied by it lots of light leak in the zipper will make due for now
Light is hog 260 rspec currently at 100 wats 25 inches above plants
Infinity s4 inline with matching carbon filter
Medium is coco loco from fox farm
Lastly jumped on the jacks 321 bandwagon while I was at it for my nute line
So that’s the new set up I started off the grow with 6 seeds from a local dispensary was also disappointed with them wish I would of looked before purchasing got home and they looked super immature figured they would grow and was right dropped all 6 (strain is called coldstone) and only 1 popped keeping it to see what it does so with the failure of the seeds I went to a clone shop and picked up 2 ice cream cake and 2 bubba kush got home and transplanted them into three 5 gallon pots and one 3 gallon pot (started running out of coco loco lol)
When making the pots gave water the coco loco with jacks nutes didn’t want to wash out what was in the coco already got a little bit of leaf curling nothing to bad been giving only 3/4 ro water 1/4 tap water ph to 5.8 since 4 cups each pot once Monday and Tuesday twice today once in the morning and again in the evening this will be the new regular watering schedule and will increase amount of water as needed for plenty of run off
Here’s is the tent set up and girls ice cream cake in the back bubba kush in the fron both indica
Coldstone in the solo cup planted 3/25/2021 popped up on 3/30/2021 clones put under light 3/29/2021 unsure how old their grower was on lunch when I got there

Also the stickers I got with the tent and the jacks nutes

Best regards to everyone hope all is well :grin:


Zip tie your power :battery: cord to you’re side post. You don’t want it dangling. Two, leave your fan inside tent, it’s plastic, but take your carbon filter and connect it outside to the other end of the duct and stand it up vertical, should give you much better air flow quality and better negative pressure to control temp and humidity.
Now that is how the driver connects to this HLG panels, are is this a two piece unit that can be bought separately and combine for agriculture power purposes. Like in different power driver 's you can buy to add to HLG Led boards right or im confused probably, I be on a level all by myself sometimes, metamorphosing and time traveling before and after I smoke my medicine :herb:. It should be a law every grower pass out 1 gram samples of each harvest to a designed fraternity list kind of to get different feed back on quality , strain, taste, to find out what the strain might be missing , or could be a good cross candidate with a similar or more opposite like some of these hybrids that get crossed for Sativa \ Indica dominance right. You need at least 3-5 different area code cultivators to exchange 1 gram buds in a pool anonymously and everyone rate that bud in they group to get everyone opinion on how the bud made them feel after smoking :dash:. I think in a family like this, we can get some real super good quality candidates for crossing pheno . I’ve never heard of “Demon :japanese_ogre: Swe@t” or did I know they had a pheno landrace strain to stimulate sex, yes :+1: " Love Portion #9 " is a real land race strain genetic that can cause sexual stimulation in it’s high THC level output once the plants is grown fully matured and harvested. Now the biggest plant I’ve ever seen grown as of now, has been that G-13 Bernuda plant strain that supposedly was a government legal strain that was produced in the late 70’s for certain types of cancer and only 3% of patients was able to get prescribe the G-13 B, but it’s a massive producing induce plant I’ve ever seen grown as of yet, I could get completely lost in the middle of it, and a toddler could climb the stalks they were so humongous .

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Welcome back you look to be off to a great start.


Thank you


Yeah proven set up , easy grow , you’ll do great


Yep hoping/working for a nice easy grow looking forward to using jacks 321 bloom and finisher as well think I will take a shot at cloning with my 2x3x4

Definitely enjoying myself more and more and every time more gratifying, hope for a great grow on your end

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Thank you very much yours as well

Thank you my man

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5 days later

Coldstone seedling skipped 2 days of watering then gave it a ph ro watering skipped a day and gave a feeding both 4 oz of water

For the clones been watering twice a day 4 cups each for the 3 in 5 gallon fabric pots and 3 cups for the 3 gallon pot gave them they’re first feeding since planting in their pots yesterday morning then a ph 5.8 watering in the evening same for today

Bubba kush #1 3 gallon pot

Bubba kush #2

Ice cream cake #1

Ice cream cake #2

260 rspec upped to 115 watts yesterday morning
Girls showing signs of new growth which I believe/hopefully means root development is going great will update next Saturday with new pics can hopefully top them next weekend

Last the seeding is a trilobite I think it’s called first time getting one fingers crossed it does well


Super awesome news just got my fruity mix pack from ilgm in super excited can’t wait to drop these in a couple months lol


Here we our at day 12 with girls and they our doing amazing definitely best beginning weeks yet (except for the seedling which was helped a lot to get above ground probably going to toss it)

Going to start off a few days early into the week
4/6/2021 9 days in the tent girls were starting to show light stress signs simply they grew a couple inches already so I upped the light 3 inches and bumped it from 115 to 130 watts as well was the day they started receiving full strength jacks twice day for their waterings 4 cups each twice a day pic taken that day

Now we catch up to today 4/9/2021 12 days since picking up the clones and they have about doubled in size.

Before topping

Decided today would be the day to top them all and give them their first trim up finishing with a feeding so 3 of the girls looking pretty normal then I have ice cream cake #2 we will get to her the odd one out

After Topping

Now we have ice cream cake #2
She appears to have 3 or 4 main tops already she has been growing oddly so I topping 3 of them and will see how she grows



As well went ahead and upped the light 145 watts from 130 see how they like it light is currently around 24” from the tops off all the girls
Finished up with a watering and group picture will post individual before and after pics of all the girls tomorrow

Hope everyone has a great weekend

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It’s floppy time are you might not have enough room ?

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Will probably flip to flower in next couple weeks as long as everything keeps going as is. My previous grows were done in a 2x3x4.6 so I’m hoping that experience will help


If you can control them @Cratix, you know once you flip them, it’s a fight for light :bulb:, space, and they can vine out sick almost 18-24 inches is have enough light power to make them feed at a high ppm, but you know already what you up against.
I like to have adjustment room for my lights to be lowered or raised once I get the canopy up evenly .


Even canopy will be my challenge here and probably won’t be very successful mainly due to growing two different strains the ice cream cakes are both different heights but the bubba kush girls are pretty much even. I believe the term is lollipoping is what I plant to do remove lower 1/3 off the plant to keep it bare focus energy on the top colas.

Currently have one leaf on bubba kush #2 showing some light stress so going to keep at 145 watts try and keep some tight node space and one leaf on ice cream #1 kinda clawing so will keep on the nutes as well

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Next grow coming up will be 4 blackberry kush from ilgm will be my first time growing one strain only so we will play a lot with the canopy but that’s a while out still


Start of the 3rd week of veg

Girls are looking great after topping on friday and even got a trim today

Before trim

After trim

Bubba kush #1

Bubba kush #2

Ice cream cake #1

Ice cream cake #2 (top 3 times)

Hope everyone is able to make/have it a great week :sunglasses:


I would super cropped them right now in veg right and put your screen right above them after you lay them flat north, south, east, and west to fill the screen and once they start growing about 2 weeks after you super crop them, flip them to flower and train the screen as required .


Was thinking about it but I have never super cropped before or used a net. I will more than likely skip super cropping and do some lst if I need to spread them out plus a screen to help support bud weight. As I progress in grows and learn more I will be continuously get more experimental so you have a journal @yoshi