Stuck on what to do

Hey everyone, so im still a rookie to all this and im around day 60 of flower of my very first grow. Its an all organic grow amd I have been having a little trouble with the gnats. Its nothing to crazy an they are the only pests so far but im sure ill encounter lots more. So what im stuck on is what would be the best way to get rid of them and best way to prevent. I would like to get something I could spray but I dont want to damage the plant or have to wash my flower when its done because of something I was spraying on them. I was told about nematodes and mosquito bits which I might invest in. Is there anything I can use if all the sudden I see something and need to take action right away to kill or prevent it?

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Day 60 of flower? You should be almost finished. Avoid chemicals and top the medium with sand?

What strain?

I recommend always washing your buds.


5 GG4


Looks like 10-14 weeks depending on the picture. Get some sanitized play sand and top the medium. It will suffocate them as they turn to adults and try to get out. It’s cheap. Sticky traps to catch the adults. I hate the idea of spraying plants. The sand does make it a PITA to water, but it works well. You’d probably want atleast an inch or so of sand.

Beautiful plants too.


Thanks, and yeah I’d rather not spray, sounds like ur idea might be my best bet.

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Low is right. However diatomaceous earth is your best bet, it comes in food grade on amazon to.

It stops their life cycle in two ways.

The larva can’t make it to the surface because because the DE cuts them up as it’s sharp, while the adults can’t go into the dirt to plant larva for the same reason, and the adults land on the yellow stickies thinking its a flower.

It solves them. Quick.

You can also mix a bottle of 50/50 hydrogen peroxide and water. Give the base a light spray to kill some, just don’t spray your buds.


I started adding nematodes to my soil builds this year. I haven’t had a problem with gnats at all.

+1 for diatomaceous earth

I don’t suggest putting hydrogen peroxide in your soil. It is suggested in the video, but be aware that peroxide will also kill beneficial microbes in the soil.

Soil that is kept overly wet will attract critters. Best to let your soil dry out between waterings as a preventative.

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Funny you mentioned that cause I started keeping the soil a little more damp then I was and thats when the gnats came. So needless to say ill be backing off a little