Stuck in a runt


I germinated 12 seeds I had previously 2 sprouted and 10 didn’t. There close to touching the top of the small green house. Confused what should be my next step. Also I planted 4 blueberry seeds I germinated according to the lab I planeed these seeds in soil and not the pods funny thing is there is no action yet and all of these seeds had cracked open at least. I planted the pods Wednesday and the soil ones on Thursday. I used seed starting mix it’s organic by burpee. I have pics please help.g


The 2 that are up to the lid of green house of plant, and what’s your temperature where your seeds are


Are you letting them get some air? they don’t need to be under dome whole time if they are too wet they may damp off the ones which have already sprouted you could take out of dome place gently in a cup with a few holes for air and cover top with plastic


HI Donaldj

I just vented the greenhouse today. I was afraid that the leaves would be crushed they seemed to grew so fast. Should I peirce the plastic on the other plants.



I am in the process of getting a grow tent. I planted some seeds to have use of thus said tent for now I have in under a florescent grow light. I have a heater set at 74 so it doesn’t get to cold. I am constantly going back and forth so it stay about 72 or 73 constantly.


Seedlings should be 75-85f id be thinking out then on 82f during day and 75f during night it will probably help out some, and i agree with @Donaldj they don’t need to be under dome the whole time, venting is good, it allows fresh air To get to your seedlings


All you are looking for is a dome to be higher so putting them in their own container which gives them more room to grow without them hitting the top a 2 litre pop bottle with the top cut off works quite nice for single plant humidity domes I add a few holes so it gets fresh air while still staying fairly humid.


So I went and bought a bigger greenhouse. I also am trying germination again. I went and got some distilled water and put the seeds in the water. 1 blueberry my last and 3 strawberry kush. So let me know if this set up is okay please.