Stubborn seeds?

I got some pink panther seeds as a gift. I thought i knew how to make these sprout apparently not. I do a seed soak in ph 6.5 water for 2 days or sooner if it sank or sprouted. Then i go to the paper towel in a bag just lightly moist and it always leads to successfully a baby plant.
But these freaking seeds the shell cracked during the soak but that is it its been 4 1/2 day’s now. I have heard of using super thrive or hydrogen peroxide in a 8oz glass of water a soakin a new paper towel a squeeze it out a put the seed in that and back into the Ziploc bag. I would like to hear if anyone has done this or if they have some information on handeling stubborn seeds thank for any help.

suggest placing a wet paper towel in a tupper ware type container, place seeds in towel and fold over. I like this method. I can watch the tap root growth. If straight, wait until it’s 1/4"+ long to plant. If a curly root, plant immediately. When planting seedling, bury till head is level with the grow media. Might take two days, be sure to keep the towel moist. Never let seeds dry out after getting soaked.


They are wrapped up in a paper towel and in a Ziploc bag it will be 5 days tomorrow morning i can see the shell cracked but no sprouts

More then likely they are too cold and possibly the paper towel is to wet… :wink:

I looked this morning and the shell is black now but it’s cracked but no sprouts i just think they are bad i got 5 more to try. I really hope i can get one growing. I got them sitting on top of my bearded dragon cage to get the 88 degrees heat off of his habitat. I’m going to use distilled water and 3% hydrogen peroxide to try and sprout the next set if the others have not sprouted when I get off work @peachfuzz


And a shot glass and u have my setup :joy:

12-16 hours. Sink or not. Then 24-36 hours in damp towel. Straight to soil

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O.k. here is a update i cracked open the seeds and the inside was Brown and black so the seeds where bad

:rose: on to the next batch

A baggie will hold in heat. Especially 88 degrees.

Suggest you place in a tupperware type container with wet towel… open enough for air circulation. Check every 6 hrs or so…keep towel moist. They will hatch.

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My seedlings bend and snap! Why is this?

Are the stems thin and spindly like you can see through them. There’s a article on here about that and Dampening off . In a measuring cup of 8oz of water add 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide 3% stir and pour this on your grow medium i use jiffy pucks for seeds and i got some old ones that gave me problems when I took off my humidity dome to clean the tray and water they would fall over and die. Since I started doing this i have not had that issue in a long time hope this helps you happy growing