Stubborn Magnesium Deficiency

This is only my 4th time growing (first time posting on the forum :slight_smile: ), and I’ve already run into so many issues- from spider mites to nutrient burn and more. I had a hunch these two were suffering from a mag deficiency, so I purchased Yates magnesium- chelate solution from bunnings; and have been applying that to the water and leaves as recommended. While keeping a closer eye on the PH. The PH has fluctuated a bit, but for the most part has been in between 6-7. It’s been almost two weeks now and the problem has still not gone away. I have a feeling the smaller one maybe has more of a calcium deficiency? and I should try purchase a cal-mag supplement from the plant nursery. However, I’m not really quite sure anymore! Would love to hear anyone’s opinion.
They are Feminized Jack Herer seeds, germinated one month ago and indoor grown in just organic soil and perlite.

Hope I uploaded those photos right.

Looks like a little nute burn, and very similar to this. Can you tell me what's wrong with my plant?



Notice how it covers most of the leaf and yours do not.

Now here are two pic’s of " POTASSIUM " tHEY ARE VERY SIMULAR



I’m going thru the same thing and I treated them with : I used Miracle Grow Flower Food.
Very fast acting.
With. N = 15%
P = 30%
K =15%



What is your ph and PPM of runoff?

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Well, this looks familiar. @garrigan62, could this be our old friend potassium deficiency?

I suspect a nutrient lockout. What are you using to test your Ph? When you say 6-7 Ph, there is a big difference between them. You need to be more accurate in order to fix this problem.



Looks very familiar lol I just post on his tread what we just went thur thumb


Thank you everyone so much for your quick responses! Apologies as I should have spent longer browsing the forum looking for similar issues- but I’ll take all your comments into consideration, and i’m sure i’ll have the problem worked out in a jiffy :slight_smile:
Upon the many things growing here, a kind community is one of them <3 thanks again!