Struggling to get seeds to sprout

I might give that a go next time if I don’t see any luck on this attempt.
Because I’m using coco as my medium though, should I use coco in the jiffy cup? Or would the plant still be able to have soil in the seedling cup and be able to expand into coco when transplanted?

Good question. I’m gonna go do some more reading. Will get back to you

Oh and the jiffy organic seed starter is soilless. I’ll take a look at ingredients for you and let you know the contents

Just checked this morning and my northern lights seed that I did not soak, just simply planted straight into a jiffy pellet has shown some life. It’s got a long tail that’s started to push out of the pellet but the cotyledon leaves haven’t broken the surface yet but I can see signs of green.
The blueberry seed that I soaked for about 18 hours still has no life.

Checking again 24 hours later and there has been no change. The seedling looks like it wants to curl up and break surface properly but looks exactly the same as yesterday. I would have thought I’d see some development over a 24 hour period. Is the seed ok or is it needing something?