Struggling Plant

ILGM Big Bud, 2 out of 5 germinated. #1 Plant (short plant) I’ve been struggling with since it sprouted. New growth appears distressed tips curling and dark brown spots on larger fan leaves. #2 Plant appears to be healthy otherwise.
Soil is 2:1 ratio of PRO-MIX LP15 and Fox Farm Ocean Forrest
Water is Tap with a ph of 7.0
Light is mostly sunlight during the day and then moved indoors in the evening and rainy days under T5 fluorcent.
Opinions and suggestions are most welcome.

Looking like Calcium deficiency/lockout.

What’s your run-off pH?

How many hours of direct sunlight are they getting? Avg temps when outside? Looks like they might also be getting a bit too hot, by the slightly upturned leaf edges. How often are you watering? If it’s really hot, more watering is necessary. If you’re overwatering, issues can occur, too.

How old?
What are you feeding? If not feeding yet, start asap. Looks hungry in general. That could also be a pH issue.


I was going to say PH and hungry too. You have a very weak soil now and your other plant may start to show problems soon too.


Welcome to ILGM! First thing I would look at is runoff PH. That’ll help with rather it’s over or under feeding


I have never done a run off PH test. I generally water as they start feeling light in the containers and I usually do not water to the point of runoff. Temps have been running high to low 80’s during the day however we have had high humidity levels during the past few weeks with lots of rain. The plants are 3 months old.

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Have you fed at all?

It’s definitely hungry and the pH is most likely way off if it’s only been getting pH 7 water for 3 months.

Also, your pot size?

I’m thinking your soil is depleted, plus your pH is most likely out of range (6.3-6.8, sweet spot 6.5), making your plant very, very hungry. You might also be rootbound. Those pots looks very small for outdoor plants still in veg at 3 months.

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I have not fed them, I thought the soil mix would be enough or at least that is what I was lead to believe. current pot size is 2gal. transplanted from quart container.

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Oh, my! I highly recommend a transplant into 7-10+++ gallon pots, ASAP! If you do that with fresh soil, you’ll be good to go for a few weeks. After a few weeks, you will need to feed.

Always pH your input and occasionally check your run-off.


Thank you all very much for this info. I will get some nutrients for them asap.

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Thank you, I do plan to go 10 gal pots next.

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Transplant FIRST!

And PH everything!


I adjusted water ph to 6.5 and watered till runoff, ph runoff was 5.0