Struggling in Hydroponics

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“I am struggling growing these seeds in my hydroponic set up. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I have jiffy pellets and I am beginning to think they may be the problem. All the seeds I have tried to use have germinated except for one golden leaf. I went through all of my strawberry kush and none of them came up. Help please. At this point I only have had one sprout & it’s doign wonderful but I can’t seem to get the majority to sprout.”

All I ever do nowadays is prep a rockwool block Poke a hole in it 1 1/2 includes deep, drop seed to bottom. Then pinch top of hole closed. Wait 4 days. Then say hello to my little friends. Ya might consider lowering your light. CFL can get REAL close.


What’s the temp and humidity? What are the watts of your CFLs? I got a brooder’s light setup for starting seedlings with these mods… Screw a light extension in the main socket then attach a Y to that and then two more Ys to be able to use 4 CFLs. They need to be on a timer as well and the lights can be as close as a few inches. The general consciences is if you can hold the back of your hand under the light without your hand getting hot your good. I have only used the paper towel method for seeds. I like your setup. Reminds me of mine. Someone’s going to ask you to fill out a help ticket so you may as well start filling that out.


Yikes! I’ve had bad experience with jiffy pellets. Most of my seeds failed in them and they get moldy easy so I would try something different. I now use rapid rooters and areo garden grow sponges and I get a very high success rate. I have a grow box just like this one and it included the pellets tried them at first then ditched em. Just my opinion though, others may have better luck with the pellets but I don’t like them

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I’m one of those that always uses jiffy pellets despite what kind of seed I’m attempting to germinate.

Personally I have no need to use anything else .

The key to using jiffy pellets is to have bottom heat from a heat mat while they are in a plastic tray with a clear cover.

You MUST check on their moisture level several times a day as they dry out extremely quickly.

The bottom heat ensures that they don’t remain wet on a constant basis which promotes disease and mold issues.

I had a Northern Lights seed germinate in 30 hours this time while the remainder took another 24 hours.

It’s the easiest, and in my opinion the best way to germinate cannabis.

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