Strongest Sativa

What’s the best strain for pure sativa? Looking for a high that’s energetic and clear thoughts


There lots of sativas available in that category. Super silver haze is one as well.

These are the highest ratio of dominant sativas in the seed bank. Jack Herer is a really a good one.


This is a tricky one for me. The wrong sativa sets off my PTSD, anxiety, etc. I like Durban Poison. For me, it’s very clear-headed and energetic, without being too speedy. Smells a lot like Juicy Fruit gum to me. Jack Herer is a close second, tied close for third with Green Crack. I hate that name, but it’s so tasty. VERY energetic as the name implies, but still not speedy or too racy, you know?


Thank you

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Highest thc would be gorillia glue #4 , bruce banner & black widow. All hybrids but highest in thc here. Im an indica junkie & surprised to see these strains were mainly sativas. Sour diesel is a wonderful strain as well.


Thank you. Got some nice Www in flower now. I got Derbin poison but for some reason I can’t get seeds to germinate. Only about 50%. No problems with any of strains.

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