Strongest Pine Smell, Which Strain Has It?


Looking for that old-fashioned piney taste/smell. Which seeds am I needing to look in to?


I have some white widow autos in flower… two of the three have a fantastic rich sweet piney smell… it started when they were only about three weeks old and got stronger as they aged…my third has, as far as I can tell, zero scent…but it is a beautiful plant…different pheno I guess…have heard some WWA’s come out scentless…I have them in a closed bathroom inside my workshop…the past week I have been able to smell them about five feet before I get to the door of my shop… the smell is a bit faint until you move them then it really pops…sticks to your clothes and fingers for hours after you have been tending the plants…like a little reminder every once in a while.


Have not harvested yet but can say my ILGM AK47 Fem is kicking that christmas tree smell. Harvest is next week, good luck.


@Maxchill- I have an ak47 plant now and she just isn’t smelling like I had hoped. Definitely interested in getting autoflower pack if I can figure out which one has scent I am after. @Oak, were all 3 WW from same seed batch?


I cannot attest to batch, but they were all from the same order…I ordered a 5+5 and they are the only three I have germed so far from that.


Growing super silver haze. Very aromatic. Have it in a cabinet in back room can smell it from front door. Oops.


yeah, my plants are coming up a bit short on the odor scale. Super Silver Haze definitely came up on my list of wants. Kinda want to try some auto’s. It is like Christmas this week; mailman brought me 2 new 741 gal air pumps, a 60/120 magnifier handheld w/LED light, and some long lost seeds came today that I had given up on 2 months ago. I can’t believe how much fun it is to look at trichs at 120 magnification.


I hear that Delevery guy was getting tired of seeing me for awhile. After this taking a break til temperatures warm up.


Damn can’t remember name. It’s a Tahoe Kush I think. I’ll be back

Tahoe O.G.
If wanting to add that flavor/taste get terpinator it’ll add that to any plant


I once had a piney smelling sticky weed many years back it was great stuff… I just got my 10 WW autos from ILGM… Gonna think it over a while before I make my first move… I hear they smell. Great


Terpinator sounds like it may be the thing. Any other flavor-enhancing stuff?


Between the Terpinator and the Cha Ching have made my WW not just sticky but almost wet with resin and trichs


@Oldstoner right.


ok, I am a bit slow I think. When I looked it up, Terpinator is an entire line with a zillion products. I have "KoolBloom 0-10-10. Similar?