Strong little fellas

I live in a subtropical region in the world. The last Autumn (for us) 3 tiny seedlings popped up in the backyard, so I stick my finger in a pot I usually grow garlic chives in (Very shallow long pot). I put the seedlings in & that’s the last care from me they’ve ever got. They sat in the cold (cold here in our backyard is 17° Celcius). They went through the rest of Autumn, Winter, Spring, it’s 2 weeks away from Summer. I haven’t ever touched them or helped them in any way except look at them. I took a photo of each plant, & just out of curiosity I would like people’s knowledge/opinion on what they’re going to do? It looks like they are putting on more bulk and bud, but the days are getting longer, & I was expecting them to go back to veg, but no sign of that yet

& we’re really at the longest days or close enough to it.
They have lived for approximately 4 to 5 months & are 6-7 inches tall.

What do people know/think will happen?

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They are also really thick & chunky. The photos make them look far slimmer.

I’ve also just noticed the non serrated leaves at the top of the plant. Is this normal?

Your light hours are increasing and causing the plant to go back into vegetation mode.


You should harvest what bud is on there and get yourself a little sample of what could be

Yeah, that’s what I thought it should be doing (makes absolute sense). But they’re growing fatter with the calyxs about to explode in person, the pix I cannot get them to show the real thing.

Sounds like a plan, but I am wondering more than smoking abit, to see what it will do if left totally alone as I have been. Has anyone had a plant do the exact opposite than science tells you? The days are getting longer here, but the 3 weird little plants are filling out, & crystals are developing. If they revert back to veg, I’ll definitely take a piece off, and put them into dirt. For the full summer. That would mean it’s done it’s thing for basically a year without any interference. The pot height they’ve all been in is less than 100mm or 4inches deep in total.

They’re still in between at this point. If your Summer is near the days are getting longer and eventually her attention to budding is going to stop (as shown in the pics with the rounded leaves). For as long as they’ve gone it’s either pull them or let them go another round. Letting them go another round is anyone’s guess to what happens. They could hermie, they could bud again. Quite an interesting experiment it has turned into and interested to see how it turns out

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Thanks man I get where you’re coming from. I’m not touching, even keeping them in their long non deep pot. I was hoping someone has done the same thing and was wondering of the outcome. Guess it will be me who finally figures out what they’re capable of. I’m happy as I don’t need the smoke, I just gave 67 Oz to a lady a month ago who makes oil for cancer patients. I just like my power bills, & soil, nutes, smoke for mates etc paid for. It’s all good Karma. Apparently Roberts Gold Leaf is making a massive impact here (as well as it’s CBD rating), as it is as smooth as a milkshake and an almost Hash style cloud of dense smoke hit. If you hear the talk is about this new Gold Leaf going around then the geographical region is easily tightened. I’m just doing it for the unfortunate people who deserve better than a cancer riddled life.

I’ll put up an update when I finally end up with Franksteins daughters growing in my backyard.

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67 oz? What’s do you got a farm setup?lol

I would suggest removing as much bud material as possible without ravaging the plant.

That mature bud will start to die back as it revenges and this will cause bud rot and infect your new buds that will be growing in.

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Thanks AAA,
Will take that on board and decide if I touch it or not. They’ve become a little experiment just look at it day to day. But if the buds start to die off I will do what you suggested.

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Dank Gun Slinger, I’ve got very little here man. Dosnt take much room if you use your noggin. 8-13 dry Ounces per plant, & the maths are simple. Definitely no farm or anything elaborate here, I’m just a nobody living in a world of wanna be somebodies :+1:Am interested in how much I get from the Critical Mass in flower just 2weeks old. Thanks to those who threw out some suggestions! I’ll renew this thread when I find out what actually happens.