Stringy result of first grow


Hi- I have the results of my first grow using white widow autoflower seeds. It took about 4 months using a high quality Sun Systems lamp at 60 % ballast setting , 18 hours on / 6 off time period and very good soil mixture. I didn’t have anything to compare it to until a friend showed me some buds that were professionally grown. The buds were tight spongy balls and mine were dry small and leafy ( see attached)

Wondering what I could do for the next batch to make them come out more like what the pros have.
Thank you


The biggest thing is allowing them to fully mature. That can be a problem for a new grower to determine the peak time to harvest. Lighting could have been an issue too but not seeing the setup it’s kind of tough.

There are a large number of factors that come into play when yield is discussed. A root bound plant, too cold, insufficient nutes or wrong nutes etc can also do this.


hey there @ohhenryusa1 you will do better the next time. if you kept a journal and could see some of the places where you went wrong. i myself am going to be using the sunsystems 630 cmh. it has two 315 bulbs in it. i will be using that at full power when i get my 4 plants to flowerings. if you had just one bulb sunsystem in 315, then that might be why you had light buds. a 315 will flower a 3x3 area, a 630 (with two bulbs) will flower a 4x4 area. you can veg a 4x4 area with the 315. there are a bunch of reasons why you might not get what a pro gets… by the way, he’s a pro, if this is your first or you are somewhat new, u can’t expect to get pro results first try. this will be my first grow, i hope i get big good tight buds, but will settle for anything just to get the experience.


Ahat were ur temps like? Like said earlier there are so many factors to that this reminds me of my first grow harvest. All good thing come in time. My second grow turned out so much better. I spent alot of time looking things up developing a good enviroment.


There is a chance that you could get “pro” style and sized buds your very first grow. to do that you have to have all the right equipment, know how they work and interact with each other, have the right soil, right environment, and then get really lucky about when to trim, move lights, add different fertilizers, when to harvest and associated other variables. in other words, if you get smokable buds the first time you are lucky and if you grow pro style buds the first time you should go try the lottery because you are incredibly lucky. nothing beats experience and knowledge in growing pot.


@ohhenryusa1 i see you started here back in october. did you do a grow journal for your first grow? the guys here would go over it and would be able to help you if you did that. if you are serious about growing “pro” buds. i would start a ticket documenting your equipment, growing space, type of soil, seeds, and fertilizer and get their help in starting your second grow. i have a support group who are doing most of my planning for me. i have high hopes for my first grow because i have them and the gang on here to help me get started in right direction and keep me going on same path.

but as i said earlier… i will be happy to get anything out of first try and that is with all that support behind me… i have a lot better chance of growing better buds with their help than if i tried this on my own though.


The other members are right on point, sooooo much stuff that can make or break a grow. I also looked to see if you had a journal, but this is only topic you have. Do you have another grow already going?


Hey @ohhenryusa1 I think you did a good job. Dont beat yourself up bud! I am almost finishing my 1st grow and have learned so much. I have been keeping a written journal so I can keep track of any bumps along the way I have had. Its a fun hobby. You will do great again next time Im sure. Keep growing! :v: