Stretchy Seedlings

Hello I am germinating in an AeroGarden and I planted 9 seeds… 8 of them successfully sprouted but 2 of the sprouts are really thin long and stretchy… just wondering if they are still healthy and if there’s anything I can do to get them back to health if they are unhealthy

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Not enough light intensity. You’ll need to lower the light. I would transplant into medium, burying the excess stem carefully.

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What covert said.

Okay so what about adding light… or maybe even a longer light cycle?.. and when you say transport to a medium… what size pot is that exactly?.. I planned to go from seedling straight to a 7 gallon fabric pot should I have an intermediate pot?

This is definitely recommended, but if you don’t a light that produces the intensity that is needed we wouldn’t make it very far.
I have no idea the space you have, but we can definitely recommend a light that would match your space. What kind of light do you have over the seedlings currently?

You could, but you can pick even a solo cup, get them started in that, then to the 7g if you wanted. Do you have a different light for larger plants?

For the seedlings I used the AeroGarden bounty which had a 50 watt light I had another 100 watt grow light I just put over the seedlings along with the 50 watt… for the plants I have 2 1000W lights

Are those actual watts? Or equivalent?

Good question :sweat: I’m believe actual for the AeroGarden and the 1000w I’m not sure about the grow light

This is probably the issue. Look for labels such as “actual” watts used.

Okay I will do so… thanks for all the advice I really appreciate it…

when you transplant, dont over water, you will cause damping off. Really leggy seedlings are extremely prone to that.


No offense but my mother received an aero garden for a Xmas gift to grow herbs. Needless to say it wouldn’t grow the herbs they said it would. The light wasn’t strong enough to grow basil or parsley. There is no way this thing will help those seedlings.

I just transplanted to one gallons outside 93 plus. How much water? I’m using a spray bottle in the am and not giving them 100% direct light. There are in the am sun till around 11. Then shade till around 3 and sun till sunset. I’ve never watered seedling in 95 heat this is a complete first. Maybe some cali guys or Florida peeps can help.

If they dont wilt and die, they will just hunker down in the heat. Water if they need it. If they look wilted after the sun comes up for a couple hours, they meed watering.

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I’m doing the spray bottle and watering just the base to about a quarter size give about 5 sprays each one. I did it this am about 9 before the heat and just sprayed again before putting them back in the sun. I let them sit in the shade after I spray them for 20 to let the water get down to the root. So it doesn’t just bake off. Next year not doing seedlings in heat it’s a pain in the butt.

You aren’t spraying the leaves are you?

No way just the root base.

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