Stretchy clones

Hello all! @Hellraiser I’ve got a couple cuts that are a bit leggy. I’m hoping this is one due to higher light, But wanted your feedback if I’m your experience every cut will be like this due to genetics or if it’s due to environment.

It’s an indica hybrid so should stack together for sure. Ice cream cake.

Here is more hybrid apple fritter. She isnt thick in branching yet but nodes stack better and you can see this one is trained better.

I’ve got the cuts rooting and I’ll flower to see but I’m trying to understand if this is fixable or genetics and I should move on.


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Turn the light up some, and they’ll fill out. Clones have a slow growth period, just give her some time. Especially if the plant you took it from was solid.

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Thanks as always. My issue is that there are others in the tent that are being sensitive to the intensity. Thats a separate issue I can’t solve @dbrn32 its the HLG and Im only on notch 3 which I believe is 250 or so. Last run I was up around 450 at this time.

@Covertgrower hence my thought of perhaps putting the clones on a stand to get closer to the light.

Thx folks


That should help, can also do some super-cropping on the branches - break the herd inside the stem, makes it grow the branches thicker and can help some with stretching.

Kyle can show it in less time than it takes to explain it

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Ahh yes I’ve seen this. I had some males so practices the chiro method and didn’t kill them outright. So great call!

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