Stretching out during flowering?

Hey guys, what could be the possible reasons for the buds beginning to stretch out at only week 4-5?
Here’s some pics that might help
They are flowering good on the majority of the plants, but there’s a few branches that seem to be reaching out to the lights.

There seems to be plenty of good light all around the tent, here’s the actual numbers

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It is abnormal growth? Have you changed the light schedule or anything with the lights? Looks like it might be trying to re-veg


I did change the lights from 600w hps to a pair of 240w Samsung led’s with 301h diodes.
All of the buds that have begun to stretch have lux numbers that are close to 10,000 lux higher than the average (the new actual height of the buds, not an anomaly or extra bright in spots.)

Maybe I should reduce the lights to a 11/13 cycle to ensure that it’s not re-veging?

Not an expert at in door grows. I do not think lux is a good representation of the amount of useable light they are receiving. Moles per meter squared is a better measure.

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@MeEasy has it right. Your ladies are reverting to a vegetative state. You can tell by them pushing out single leaves. Make sure you are giving them 12 or less hours a day of light to keep them in flower :+1:

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Yeah, I will change the lights back to 10hrs on for a few days and keep an eye on whether they begin to thicken back up.
Cheers guys

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