Stretching on latest cycle

Hi all. Have been using this canopy to cover plants at night, but add some light, so that, between the Sun and the lights, they are on an 18/6 cycle. Yet, this latest batch has stretched like crazy. Any ideas from looking at my included images?

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Once they start flowering they usually start stacking nodes pretty tight.

Hi imsickkid, thanks for the reply. Yet, I’m not sure I’m getting it?


These plants are not in flowering, still vegetative, but, in contrast to my previous grows, they stretched out of proportion over the past week. I’m hoping someone could advise as to why. I’m also afraid they’ll become too tall for the room they’re gonna be in.

Do you mean they will stop growing and pack buds tight during flowering?

Stretching is from a plant searching to find adequate lighting. Or it could be genetics playing a part in it as well. And by stacking nodes, I mean whenever a plant starts to transition into flower, the internode’s will begin tightening up for you.

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They look a little stretchy but a plant will be a plant. Males tend to grow taller faster so that would be in the back of my mind until later. Learn to bend the stalks. It will help with the upward growth (and overall yield), but you may need a bit of a scrog net as your plant will go more outward.