Stretching/lightning distance

I have a 1000W Led Grow Light 3x3ft Coverage how far should I keep it from my seedlings? I just moved it closer today from about 20inchs away to about 6 inches away because it seemed like they were starting to stretch a little? Was this the right move? I’m new this is my first time growing so any help is truly appreciated! Thanks. :blush:

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Need to know a little more about the light it’s probably not truly a thousand Watts if it’s Amazon it’s probably like a hundred so a little more about the light and then we can help

This is the light and it is from Amazon.

Can you tell now?

It’s a 100w light , depending on how much heat it gives off , 18”-24” is the right distance for Veg. I would think about getting a better light for flower.


It doesn’t give off hardly any heat. So right now in the seedling stage it should be 18-24inches away?

Seedling don’t need much light , your plant don’t need much light all the way up to flower. That light is good for one plant in flower. @dbrn32 is the light pro at ILGM

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Okay so I need to buy a new light for flowering stage. Any recommendations in a 110$ price range?

Do you think this will do? For 2 plants flowering? Thanks for your help!

2 things you don’t cheap out on is PH meter and lights . Either you pay now or you pay more later. Let me get @dbrn32 in on the conversation. You need a minimum of 50 true watts per square ft. @Covertgrower could you chime in


When I started they talked me into getting HLG lights and I have been using them ever since. HLG are premium lights . With a high price tag . I know there are lights out there with comparable output at a better price.


We all had problems buying lights at first

If you can scrape $200 HLG has a true 200w light that will finish the job for you. I believe they have them on sail, also, I’m not sure what the coupon code is. Top of the line and it has a 2x2 flower footprint.

And that meter is really only good for moisture. If you can scrape another $60, the Apera ph60 is a very reliable pH meter. You will also need to know your PPMs (parts per million) of TDS (total dissolved solids) in your feed. Those meters are cheap. Apera and BlueLab are some of the best and they also have meters that do both pH and PPM.

Good luck and happy growing!!!

Hlg’s code is dude will give you I believe 15% discount plus they’re having good sales right now but definitely hlg is the way to go :100:

Dude code is 10%, however I think everything is 15% off through Christmas. Some stuff is 20% off.

Veteran discount is 20%


I don’t know of any lights i would specifically recommend that are around $110. In the past I typically tell people to get something like qb260 kit for a 3x3. This requires assembly, but not a big deal and you can follow tutorial on YouTube. These are about $250 or so after discount code last I knew.


Looks like you’re covered here.


@dbrn32 @Covertgrower @JJ520 @NeoGroR @Borderryan22 @KoolHandLuke
As some of you know I ended up getting a Mars Hydro TSL 2000w for the 2x4 tent and these are the ladies as of today, just did a little lst on them.


Looks great :v:


How far along are they?