Stretching after flowering started

Hi Guys wondering what you think is happen with this plant, been growing outside, seasol and worm wee added every now and then, not trying too hard, seems to have been a bad choice! I believe its bubblegum, I was gifted the seed so not totally sure.

I was wondering why it would have stretched after it started flowering? I hope the photos show you what I mean. Also have a lot of dying leaves but wasnt sure if I should trim as its flowering.

Is it too far gone and I should just chop it down and hope the buds that are there dry out and smoke ok?

Thanks for your help!

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Your picture didn’t finish uploading. You need to wait to hit reply until you see check mark. I put pic up with red circle around where check mark is located.

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Plants always stretch at start of Flower.

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indeed… flowering will cause the double in heigth as a general rule… some strains are + or - but they all do the flower stretch…

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And also they tend to stretch for about 3 to 4 weeks after light flips