Stretched plants? What to do?

A question from a fellow grower:

Gold Leaf: Now after about 5 days they are 3 inch long stems with 2 little-bitty leaves on top. I’m talking 1/4 inch long leaves. I have been spraying in the dome and a little on the plants every day, I have 2 compact fluorescent (twisty), I believe 9 or 13 watt. The light is about 4 inches over the dome and it is inside in a climate controlled room.
Help!..Hurry what do I need to do to make these grow??

The seeds were planted June 7th in the peat pellets. The small room is inside a larger building that has a/c. I have a vent blowing air into the room and one sucking air out. I have a little tray with a dome over it, I mist the plants daily as well as the inside of the tray. I have 2 - CFL 9 watt lamps about 4" above the dome that stays on 24 hrs.

I am by no means an expert (im on my 1sr grow ever) buuut it does look to me like they are stretching for light, try bringing your lights down a little more also im pretty sure you will need alot more light but i would talk to @dbrn32 he seems to be the light pro here :slight_smile: As for the enlonged stem, once you pot them i would cover most of that stalk leaving about an inch from 1st set of leaves. That buried stalk will then produce roots. Good luck with your ladies you are in the right place for support :ok_hand:


Good assessment! Exactly what I would suggest.


Thanks :wink:

I tagged you as i noticed this grower is using a very low wattage bulb so maybe you can suggest some better ones?

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I’m not an expert either , I grow outside but had the same problem last grow. It was a long winter and a very late spring , I germinated but they weren’t getting enough light, they stretched but when transplanted I covered the stem a little bit every day till she at a healthy height. They are reaching for the light , I would get the light closer to her , I don’t know how far , I grow outside and have no experience with artificial lighting. Good Luck

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Thanks for the replies, I think ya’ll are exactly right. My bad, I thought if the twisty lamps were good enough for the clones they would be ok with seedlings! I immediately planted them in little pots with seed starter soil, and buried them so there is about 2" of plant above the soil. I turned my LED veg light on and placed them far enough away so they don’t burn while trying to grow. I watered them thoroughly and mist them a couple times a day. Does this sound right?

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Seedlings LOVE intense light! They’re reaching for some moonlight and making the best of it!

I should have known that!

All good advise. Lower light and when you transplant put lower into pot and cover some of that stem up. Roots will grow out the sides of the stem you bury.

Thanks , Budtastic I have done all that and will report back on progress.

I will be set to stalking :wink:

Goodluck :+1:

After only 2 days I see improvement already!