Stressless transplanting in ProMix BX

I wanted to show you all a method of transplanting I find to cause little to no stress on your plants.

I am transplanting from a 1 gallon commercial pot into a 5 gallon Cloth pot. Enjoy.

1st thing we do is fill up the cloth pot with our medium. (about 1/2 full) We want to leave enough space to place our plant into this cloth pot without reaching over the top.

Now we want to place our entire plant in the pot into the cloth pot. (I wipe the pot down with a damp rag before this step)

Now take your medium and back fill all around your pot compressing the medium gently as you go through this process.

Now this is what you have so far. You can see that a 1/2" or so of the 1 gallon pot is sticking up. Once you remove the plant, it will will fit perfectly into this pot hole…LOL get it? :smiley:


Now, remove your plant from the 1 gallon pot and place it in the Pot hole. :slight_smile: Like this

You can see that the plant root is sticking up just a bit. Press it down with both hands flat arounf the stem, and brush your medium around, and you are finnished.

Make sure to water in completely after this process. :slight_smile:

Pretty simple, right? I hope this helps some of you to be more confident when transplanting your MMJ plants.

Peace.lw :slight_smile: