Stressed Seedling -- Help! Heat Stress? Water?

Hi all,

Obligatory, first time grower using the following setup:

  • Strawberry Kush Fem Seeds

  • 30w" x 60l" x 80h" grow tent

  • 600 HPS light

  • Temp running 69 - 86 (more on this later)

  • Humidity 50-60

  • Light fertilized soil mixed with perilite

  • Flushed the pots with water before transplanting the seeds and now only spraying the top every other day. The soil is slowly drying below the surface and I expect to do a full water tomorrow.

The problem – I germinated three seeds in paper towels and them transitioned them to 5 gallon cloth pots. Immediately 2/3 plants popped out of the soil looking healthy while the third came out of the soil looking brown and almost burnt. The leaves are curled up and it has yet to sprout a healthy second set of leaves as its companions have.

At the start of the grow I was having temp control issues because of poor venting and the temperature was getting as high as 86 degrees on three occasions before I could catch it. I installed some extra long ducts to remove heat away from the tent and now the temperature is perfect 70 - 76.

4 pictures of the stressed plant below with 1 picture of a healthy twin.

Thanks team!!

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One looks stunted. Was the shell stuck to it for awhile? Otherwise the other looks good. The stunted one you’ll have to let it do it’s thing. Either she will make it or she won’t.
Welcome! And happy growing! :seedling:

If it were me and I was worried about the stunted ones and I had some spare seeds, I would germinate them and get them started. They will catch up. You can still keep the other seedlings but when the new germinated ones show up looking better ditch the stunted ones. It is so early in the grow they won’t lag behind the other nice one. I had to do that with my Blueberry X Big Bud autos this time around. I got 30% germination and some of them didn’t look too good so restarted and happier with the seedlings. If you don’t have spare seeds just keep these going and they may line up just fine.

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Nope just came up short! Thanks for the help


I do happen to have some extras, not a bad idea.