Stressed, Pinched + Germination Environment

Those two pictures is bubblegum kush. Sprouted just before going to bed. I’m waiting on four other ones, but the weather here is super humid and super hot. Only the strong survive here.

Outdoor grows are tough. Those damn tiny green cutworms like to show up randomly. I’ve been using a powder water mix made of cayenne pepper and garlic. Stuff so strong it makes me cough :joy:. However, they always come back, which is why I also use diatomaceous earth. I coat the bottom part of the leaf and stem. It’s really an ongoing neverending battle. I also spread some chive and marigold seeds to accompany the pots with the seedlings.

The picture above is Sour Diesel. Her and I have been through some experiences. She’s gone through slight nute burn, bug attacks and horrible hot humid weather, but she’s a champ. She just finished her first veg week. Doing some light LST and adding a quarter of the recommended fertilizer for veg in her recent watering. I think I’m going to veg her out until all the others seem ready for flowering.

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