Stress Training

I just started low stress training on my plant, any advice/ comments?

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What are you trying to end up with? The way this plant is tied off it looks like the lower branch will try to come up and be a second top. If that is your goal, then you should be in good shape.

When I do this I usually wait until there are several lower branches developed, then just bend the very top over and tie it off for a few days. This makes lowers try to replace top and you can essentially end up with a top for every branch you have on plant. It’s not a very fancy method, but pretty effective.

Thank you for your email. That is the idea. I have grown before, but in the past have just let them grow naturally. It has been tied down not even 24 hrs when the pics were taken.

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Yeah same not a clear idea of the final goal for this plant, looks like alil bit of everything at this point

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This is how she is looking now