Stresding an auto

Is it okay to stress an auto before harvest? How do you judge when it’s time to do it?

I assume you are talking about drilling it? It’s fine and I would do it 7-10 days before harvest. If u do it give it 48-72 hours of total dark the last few days before u harvest so it goes into to respiration. Good luck

What do you mean by resperation?

In the dark is when a plant respirates. It will work on repairing itself causing it to produce more and larger buds. I veg my plants on 24/7 light so when I switch them to 12/12 they respirate at a higher rate.


Is that also the reason mine seems to grow more in the dark? I have noticed that the leaves perk upwards when the light goes on.

They like the rest at night but sometimes that small amount of stress the lights cause is a good thing it doesn’t stress them enough to do damage. I also LST slightly different than most. I don’t tie anything I just gently bend the stems throughout the day and as the middle fills out it pushes the middle ones down on its own. I don’t ever top my plants either. But everyone does things differently.

Thanks man. I was reading about respiration a moment ago and I did not know that. Cannabis growers might be edified by looking at plant biology 101. Fascinating. Thanks for the learning.

I’m not a man but you are more than welcome. Let me know how it works out for you.


When photosynthesis is active plants carry out a number processes at a time, this is why their respiration capacity is greater in the dark. So if you want your plants to respire comfortably, it is important to make sure night temperature is lower than day temperature. Also, keep the roots and substrate well oxygenated, as these are major exchange surfaces with a direct impact on plant development. If you are using organic soil, you will need greater oxygenation, as the microorganisms present in the soil are living beings that have oxygen needs too. Another thing to consider is substrate porosity, which directly affects the soil’s respiration capacity. This can be improved by adding coco coir, perlite or white peat to the soil mix. During the day, when photosynthesis occurs, the plant absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. At night, the process is reversed and the plant absorbs oxygen and releases carbon dioxide.

Hope this helps I think the science of it can scare people but if you know the basics you can adjust your growing using that knowledge.

Good luck


I am very sorry. This is the second time I have had this happen. I will make a note if this.
Thank you very much ma’am for the great information.

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Lol, there are a lot more of us ladies around here than most people know.

Great explanation, @anon95385719.


@anon95385719, @raustin

My grand mother was one of the best flower cultivators around my hometown. I should have know. :disappointed: Feeling humiliated.

Aww, it’s ok, we forgive you. :kissing_closed_eyes:


I think i will get the fabric pots my next go round. No more over watering and roots can breathe. That is terrific info to know.

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Fabric pots work great I love them. Soil dries out quickly.

So your saying fabric pots will increase the need for watering?

@anon95385719 nice job my friend thanks for the awesome help for are friends


Not really, i haven’t watered any more than with plastic pots. But when you’re watering to get runoff its nice to have them dry out a little faster.

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I do not understand the run off thing. It seems complicated.

In a fabric pot your runoff is very quick. Lots of places for the water to escape. None of it can get trapped where there are no drain holes.