Strenght of LED light

A question from a fellow grower:

I am a new grower and am awaiting some of your White Widow seeds. In the meantime I’m getting my feet wet with some seeds a friend gave me. I have 4 seedlings that have their second set of leaves. I bought a 300w Galaxyhydro full spectrum dimmable LED light and just received it today.

Everything I read says keep this light 18-20" from the top of the plants but that doesn’t take into account the dimming capability. Is it safe to use this light for young plants such as those I have? I’ve been using CFLs but just put the plants under my new LED at 30% strength.

I know trial and error will answer my questions but I thought your help would save me from some disappointment and failures.

Set the light at 16 inches on just the veg spectrum at 30% and give the plant at least two weeks than turn it up to half strength , you don’t need the red spectrum until you switch over to flower at 12/12 light schedule , hope this helps .

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