Street lights on outdoorgrow

Hi all will street lights effect plants on a outdoor grow thanks for your help

Really hard to say
How far away is it ?

I have light pollution all night from cars coming down the street
The neighbors flood lights
From both sides …I also grow on my back deck and there’s a large window and a slider
I leave those blinds closed all night

The closest street light I have is about 100 yards away

I’m chugging along with no issues of reveg or hermie

I also lined my deck railing with any kind of plants I could to help block out any lights

Also why not try growing Autos outdoors ?

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I’m also hoping to hear what the experts say …
This is my first grow since I was a kid
And we all know those never finished lol

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This is also something strange I’ve noticed
The moon
When it’s full it lights up your plants like a Christmas tree
Try taking a pic with your flash off

It can if they are close enough.

Moon appears bright, but has no measurable intensity within par region at ground level. Therefore no plant reactions to it.


I also find it fascinating
That the moonlight can be seen on the leaves of the plant …but if you take a picture of it with the flash off the moonlight isn’t there …

I was sure about the moon …not really sure about outdoor light leaks like the OP was asking about streetlights …

The things I mentioned don’t seem to have an effect


We have 175 watt mh street light next to our garage. It lights up my whole yard, but really only noticeable on about 2/3 of it. If you stand on opposite side of my house and look to far corner of my yard it looks lit up well. But if you go around the house and can see the light, same spot looks dark as night. Just how varying perspective turns out.


Cheers buddy yeh was thinkin of some autos as not much summer left in uk

Cheers buddy

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