Streaking Leaves - Is that Nitrogen Deficiency?

I’ve been under the radar for 2 years, growing and going without issue. I just ordered some new seeds and started White Widow and Amnesia Haze. The AH is good and green and growing well.

My question is the WW. It is 5 weeks, in Happy Frog soil, 600 watt hid in a 3x3x5 tent. 18-6 and I have been light on the nutes. Water is 6.4 PpM w/nutes is 445. Tent temps were too high and both plants were drooping (63-85). Changed my venting and fan speed and got to 63-78 on a consistent basis.

These yellow streaks showed up after I went about 2 weeks with just water. I have now watered with Bergman’s nutes with nitrogen.

Opinions, please. Am I back on track? Or am I guessing wrong? The AH is only 3 weeks and is not showing any of this yellowing.

This is the AH that seems fine, but younger.

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That is just genetic variegation. Not harmful to the plant. A lot of times they grow out of it.


Watching this. It looks cool. I’m sure you don’t feel that way, I wouldn’t either if she was mine.

I’ve grown a few other White Widow plants without this streaking. I’m trying to figure out what I did differently this time. If it’s not a problem, then that’s great. My other plant does not have this.

It’s just a genetic trait. It’s nothing you did. It was in its dna.


I’ll see you at harvest!


‘Growing like a weed’ with its genetic mutation.


I am now in week one of flower and my weird White Widow auto streaking plants are doing more stuff that I’m not familiar with. I am also growing Amnesia Haze auto that is 2 weeks behind it in a pot next to it.

They have both been in 5 gal pots for 2-3 weeks each. Water with 1 gallon each of 6.4-6.5 ph with Bergman’s flower nutes a little less than recommended. Temps are 63-74, humidity a bit high at 72-78. 600w hid 24” above in a 3x3x5 tent with air circulation and venting the lamp separately. PPM have been in the 770-840 range.

The Amnesia haze is stretching since I went to 12-12 about 3 days ago. The White Widow is putting out buds and curling spotty and discolored leaves. Note it’s not all over the plant. It has had a two week lead start and the Amnesia Haze has just passed it in size since I switched fro 18-6 to 12-12.

NOTE: the Amnesia Haze seeds I just got from Bergman. The White Widow I got from Bergman in 2019 and it has been stored in a cool dry place for almost 2 years.

I have 4 pics of the WW and one of the AH.


Can you get pics in natural light? Also wouldn’t hurt to know what your runoff ph and ppm is compared to what you’re putting in?

At runoff, I’ve got 6.4 ph and 672 ppm. I’m running my 600w light 6pm-6am. Humidity without the light on this morning was 90%+
I check in the evenings (with light on) and it’s been in the 72-78% range. That’s the only anomaly that I’m aware of. My last grow was inside an a/c space with humidity below 50%.

Here are some better pics of the WW. The Amnesia Haze next to it is doing great!

FYI WW are 2 year old seeds, if that is another factor. I appreciate your help.

Looking for some direction if you’re familiar with this situation.


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Leaf variegation. Genetic, and nothing you can do. Neat to look at though.

But the leaves are all turning weird colors and the plant has stopped growing.