Strawberry Kush

Hi guys/gals! Sorry it’s been a while, I’ve been busy working a full time job, these grows (as the following pictures will show), and with the construction of the dedicated grow room. Right now I’m pushing through two phenos of the strawberry kush, looking for a colorful one. Both grows are in 4x4 tents with 600 watts of hps shining down on them. Air conditioning is being pumped into both tents separately, maintaining the temperature at a comfortable 78°F. Both tents consist of 4 plants, each one nestled in a 10 gallon pot of Promix HP, allowing plenty of room for the roots to flourish. Plants are hand watered with 4 gallons each using the Botanicare line of nutrients as well as a few other “secret” ingredients. Also, since it has been mentioned in other threads, I will add that a 1 hour live recording of a south American rain forest is being looped 24 hours a day to my girls.

In this first set of pictures, pheno#1, the strawberry kush is at 4 weeks and 4 days of flowering.

Four pots.

Cose ups…

In this next set of pictures, pheno#2, the strawberry kush is at 1 week and 4 days of flowering.

As stated above, 4 pots.

Look in my mother room thread for a peek at some new breeds that are in line for future crops.


Looking great! Looks like you have got everything down. Keep updating so we can see the end buds

One of these days I hope to have some that looks that good.good job

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That’s what I have, but a great deal younger. They look really nice.

I have a set of Strawberry Kush seeds that I was wanting to try. You have convinced me now ! Nice looking plants !

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Ok. So at day 45 I’m checking in on the strawberry kush pheno #1 and they just look like they’re done; they have that characteristic “sheen”, that glow to them, but it’s still too early I tell myself. Just for shits and giggles I snip a leaf tip to look at trichomes. I put it under the microscope and low and behold I see all cloudy and a few speckled amber tips. Still in disbelief, I take another sample for a look under the microscope. Same thing. I take a third sample, same thing. The HPS must be effecting the lighting, as it has in the past. I take my samples and go under a more natural light with the same results. I let the day finish out with the light on and unplug the ballast after the light goes off, allowing the plant’s to sit in total darkness for the next 24 hours. Today I begin the trimming!


What a delight to work with! The crystals have a rosy pink hue to them.

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Wow the thing that could be they were in my colset great job

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These ladies are looking great. I am a ways behind you. I have 15 Gold Leaf and 2 Strawberry Kush that are 12 days old. I plan t o SCRog them and I have no idea about how to properly do this. However, that should not be the case for the next SCRog grow. Live and learn. I notice you have 2 SCRog screens instead of one. Mind if I ask why? I’m sure you have a reason for two of them but it is new to me so I am just curious. Thanks for the help. Keep it green.

They are not SCRog screens, they are used as supports instead of using bamboo stakes. I ended up using a third row. I will post pics later.