Strawberry kush not sprouting

I had germinated all 5 of my blue beryy kush seeds and 4/5 have sprouted and are growing beautiful only after 5 days in soil!! But all 3 of my strawberry kushs seeds havent grown yet after succesfully being germinated… Should i be worried oh and by the way first time grower here

I wouldn’t be worried yet give them a Lil more time

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Patience is your most important tool by far…

As @joshawa. And @bulldog1 stated patience my friend
And Welcome to ILG!M this I the place tone when it comes to help. Straight forward answers and no. B. S


I ordered 10 strawberry kush. Attempted to sprout in soil (As I’ve done numerous times in the past, including every order I’ve made with ILGM). Customer response basically made fun of me for ‘not sprouting them the proper way’.

I would appreciate if that order was replaced. I’ve seen another topic on here that stated that the SK’s did not sprout - if this is a problem with the strain, then please send me something similar in terms of ease of growth, warm climate, quality/quantity of yield.

I’ve only had good experiences with ILGM in the past, and before this order, 90% of all purchases sprouted within 48 hours.

Hey T sorry to hear it …But you need to post this in the proper place .and that would be @Support . I find it very unlikely that they ment to make fun or lite of you .:neutral_face: Not their style … as to replacements Again go thru the normal support channels . And if you need advice or help, ill be glad to help you … iam sure it’s a simple miscommunication :wink: but you’ve posted in the beginner area … will be watching to see if you me .Just @Hammer and ill see it faster in my box … Hammer