Strawberry kush ilgm

Heres pic of strawberrry kush one week from putting the seed in rockwool


@Mush4kush, It’s a start! keep it going and enjoy the people here. They know there stuff. Welcome to the party.


As @Flyr says, there are a lot of folks here that are able to help if you run into difficulties. @Mush4kush they have been very helpful to me getting my first grow in the ground and growing.


@Mush4kush, what is the medium you are using? I have seen a few other pics on the forum that looked similar.
How does it work? @Flyr @neckNflu @Donaldj @Niala @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31

Cute little baby. :slight_smile:

Promix HP or hydroton :wink:

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Thanks @Donaldj , I will look into that.

Hydroton clay pebbles

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Im a soil grower myself

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@Countryboyjvd1971 I too am a dirt farmer. I may dabble with hydroponics at some point when I know a bit more about how these plants grow. My understanding is that Hydroponics is a bit less forgiving of errors but easier to recover from those errors.

Full disclosure: Calling myself a farmer of any kind is an exaggeration since I have never grown a thing in my life until a couple of weeks ago.:rofl::face_with_raised_eyebrow::cowboy_hat_face:


It is a lot less forgiving, when you have an issue it needs to be taken csre of asap. The other side is that a simple res swap can fix the problem quick. It’s a little give and take


Out of likes, @Dieselgrower, thanks for the additional detail.

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Not a problem. I grow exclusively in promix now, but have been thinking about maybe using my small hydro setup to try and scrog or mainline a smaller lady… Mhmmm got my brain working now



Each system has it’s advantages and problems Hydro is just faster to correct than soil plants in soil can get just as large but once a hydro system is dialed in growth rates dwarf soil as do recovery rates. Soil is like a train slow steady to end of the line with every stop taking time to recover and gather speed from again.
Hydro isn’t nearly as sensitive as people think grower errors are faster to show and even faster to fix PH is a range not a set number 5.5-6.1 ppm likewise ph is out no big deal adjust with ph up or down in minutes ppm too low add more nutrients too high remove some solution and add fresh ph’d water :wink: In all honesty I check my ph and ppm every couple of days once set and top off as needed between res changes 7-10 days the rest is pretty much look and react only if changes occur much like soil.



First I would like to Welcome you to ILGM.

I see that you have already met some of the gang here. Awesome fokes !

Any way I saw your post and would like to share my grow with you. I to am growing two Strawberry Kush only in soil. Your’s and mine are very close in age. Here is a pic at 10 days.

Let me know what you think and I will tag you into my Journal.

But for now " Welcome "


PLease tag me I like all the info. Thanks to everyone

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Totally awesome brother. I do see what your saying. With the ease of adjustment in a hydro system. I never looked at it like that pretty easy to understand how you put it. And I obviously see your results to. Speed of harvest is a problem of mine. I service 4 patients and I’m always waiting in a harvest it seems I’ve thought about going hydro for this reason. So now you got me going hydro and LED. Lmao. I need a go fund me. Lmao !!! Have you ever used Oct-o-Pots??

Yes welcome @Mush4kush!! You will b a growing guru in no time if you hang here. These guys will square you up.

Week two

introduced nutes roots just hit the water

Once The Roots hit the water they sure do take off this

is a two days difference