Strawberry kush hydro slow grow

A question from a fellow grower:

I am trying to grow your strawberry kush hydroponically and I can’t seem to get in passed a few inches. I have no clue what in am doing wrong. I only have 3 of 5 seeds left and I’m concerned. I can get it started fine and about the time it sheds its shell it starts to die.

Its a DWC bubble monster 1gallon with a multicolor light. Rock wool and clay pebbles.

Are you using cal-mag at all? more specific information on lighting? use a good root stimmluator in the germination and seedling stages of growth

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What’s the Ph and ppm of your res? Are you soaking your rock wool in distilled or RO water ph’d to 5.5? or simply using tap water?
I will list off some common mistakes for you when starting a seedling in DWC because what you’ve described is damping off of seedlings.
your water level in res is too high and rockwool is staying too wet.
your rockwool is not ph’d properly and is burning off roots
you are attempting to feed your plants immediately from seed
your light is too close and too hot
you aren’t using humidity dome and seedling is drying out.

if any of the above fit here is what I would like you to do
first soak rockwool in RO water ph’d to 5.5 for minimum of 1hr then wring it out so it’s not dripping wet put in seed. leave it out of DWC use a starter tray with 1/2" of perilite or hydroton on the bottom use foil sided rockwool so only top and bottom are open. Moisten the the perilite/hydroton in tray add rockwool cube and let it start in the tray add ph’d water 5.5 to tray every few days or when dry. Here is the key part let seedling sprout start to grow until you see good visible roots coming out of the rockwool and into the tray… when you see robust healthy roots in tray transplant to your DWC water lvl should be slightly below net pot but close enough to splash and add some moisture, res should be ph’d to 5.5-5.8 with super light dose of rapid start or other root promoting food 1/4 or even weaker for first day or so. Once your roots are in the water and plant has 4 true nodes start adding nutrients same rule 1/4-1/2 dose watch plant it will tell you what it needs if it responds well to the food give it a couple days keep eye on your ph. within week or so should have plenty of roots in the water and be booming along flush res and start on your feeding program always watch ph…