Strawberry kush first grow

Day 59 since sprout! I think I’m not doing to shabby for a first timer! Just gave them a little hair cut earlier today.


Yes you doing a great job my friend , but are you considering adding more CFL’s , maybe another 2 more maybe the way you engineered your lights , cause adding more wattage and intense light would really pack the buds and wieght . But over all you are doing great and it looks very healthy . Now just a heads up , when you flip it to flower , don’t make the mistake most new growers make at that stage , make sure you continue your nitrogen thru the first 2 weeks into flower and remove the nitrogen gradually , don’t just switch it from veg nutrients straight to flower nutrients are you can stress it real quick making such a sudden change , so I’m not sure if you familiar or aware of that but she is to pretty and healthy to cause late issues going into flower , you done an awesome job your first time growing …Wow I can’t wait until my little baby get that old and look as good as your plant …Great Job !!!


Thanks @yoshi! For flower I bought 2 2700k 125W Apollo horticulture grow lights for flower. Also, thanks for the heads up I was going to gradually take them off of veg nutes like you were saying but I was going to do it a lot quicker than 2 weeks. So that info helps me a lot I won’t make that mistake. I have had a lot of problems with the soil for this grow so for future ones shouldn’t be a problem now that that’s been resolved. I’m waiting on these new fixture light shades to come in for my new lights so I can start flowering these beautiful ladies!:heart_eyes: They are both around 19" right now so they should be around 3 ft roughly by harvesting, so I hope I can get a decent yeild off of these. I have high expectations for a first grower, I don’t know if that’s good or bad. Lol

@yoshi, I got that memo too late! I stopped feeding grow/micro nutes when I went into flower and after a few weeks noticed yellowing leaves. After determining it was nitrogen issue started back on micro and have been feeding that along with bloom for the last couple weeks. Guess I need to wean them off Now from I’m reading here. I’m day 42 flowering.

Also @gizmo, she’s looking good, I’m also growing a strawberry kush and I’m getting really anxious to see the final product, I think I’m a couple weeks till harvest.

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I am anxious to see what your final product is too @Ntense! How has the scrogging done for your plants?

Just watered plants at 10:30AM with PHed 7.0 water. Runoff was 6.0 on plant one. Noticed a problem with plant 2 it was not draining well (first time this has happened) and the roots are coming out of the drain holes at the bottom. This is the largest pot it’s going into so I don’t know what to sowing the roots hanging out and it not draining. Any help would be great.


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Those look really good. I hope I can manage to come out looking like that at my harvest. Great job!

Thanks @gizmo, the entire grow has been a learning experience. Since I’m doing a Scrog I have no idea if roots are coming out of the bottom of my pots which are 10 gal. When I do harvest I’m going to see what the root mass looks like and determine if I need to stay with 10 or maybe go with 5 or 7 next time. I have not experienced a no no or slow draining issue so I can’t give a response but I’m sure others can assist.

I do think your going to be happy with the kush, it smells sweet and really is getting covered up in trichomes. I will most likely do a Scrog again next time with slight corrections learned from mistakes on this one.

Keep us posted on your grow and progress and I’ll let you know when mine finishes and the outcomes. I will most likely do a journal on my grow when it’s completed, have been keeping daily notes and lots of pics along the way…

Thanks that’s good to know. My two are in 12" pots and I’m not wanting to go bigger than that so I’m not sure what to do. I’ve done some research online but can’t find anything helpful just a bunch of stuff about root rot. I’ll keep posted on further progress I just hit a little rut today I got to work one of them out of. Hopefully all will be good

You will love the strawberry> I harvested back in January and have started using the bud you will like it it’s smooth.

Take care.


Maybe @MacGyverStoner, @latewood, @ktreez420 could have some good input on my drainage problem?

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Here is my WW at 49 days under a Kind LED it is pracitcally filled up the 2X4 enclorure and is at about 3.5 feet tall. Pretty full for 1 Indica dominant plant.


Could you elaborate a bit? That is kind of vague my friend :slight_smile:

@latewood, I started having drainage problems today with one plant. The roots are starting to come out of the drain holes at the bottom as you can see in the picture and that’s the biggest pot I was going to go with this grow. My question is how do I fix this so the plant doesn’t get root rot and starts to drain properly. All I’ve seen online from research is to repot it basically. So I’m confused on how to go about this problem

Ok, I can think of two options for you.

  1. Put extra dirt under your pot, letting the roots grow from the holes of the container into the extra dirt underneath. This happened to me before when I had a seedling in a solo cup, and placed the solo cup on top of another potted plant. The roots grew straight through the drainage holes and into the other pots soil.

  2. Read up on root pruning. Learn as much as possible, and put it to use. You’ll learn either way haha!

I would recommend the second option. The first option is really only smart if you plan on harvesting in a week or so. Hope I helped!


Thanks @ktreez420 I will look in to the second option. I was shocked how fast the roots grew so fast. Hopefully I can get things under control and keep it alive. It is to good to just let go to waste.
I appreciate it!:blush: I will update on what I end up doing.

So… I was looking at plant #1 and it is root bound also. I’ve had them in a 5 gal pot for 13 days. So I broke down and am just going to transplant them for the third and hopefully final time. Im going to buy a 2 10 gal pots and pray that will do for the rest of the grow.


@gizmo, I’ll let you know in a few weeks what the root structure looks like for my kush in the 10 gal pot… You should be good in my opinion though.

For the drainage problem you can poke holes in the soil very carefully due to roots being all through the soil , but you didn’t have enough perlite maybe and your soil started to pack as you watered the plant thru growth . Next time put a 1 inch layer of Clayton pellets rocks on the bottom of your pot and when you filled your pot "Do Not " pack your soil , just a few taps by slightly dropping the pot to settle the soil is all you need , but don’t ever pack your soil , and for the roots that’s coming exposed gently tuck them back in the holes and keep and eye out for more that might grow through , and if you still in veg you can transplant it now to prevent root bound .