Strawberry Kush (fem)

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“So I don’t have do do anything special for the buds on this plant to turn that beautiful pink color?”

I recently purchased the Fruity Mix Pack, which includes Strawberry Kush and Blueberry both of which were pictured with beautiful, colorful buds so I’m also very curious about this. I understand every plant/strain/genetics is different but I’m wondering if I should expect the buds to turn the colors as they were advertised.

Idk still waiting on mines but good luck

You will definitely have to play with the temp for color change my strawberry last season stayed green but was very good


When I ordered it said that you don’t have to get it cold to change it’s color

No, but that strain loves the cool weather.

Yeap but that’s not the way it worked for me last season

It’s not just about weather or climate, although it can help bring out color, but you can’t always just go off what the pictures look like. Every seed has different pheno types, which means they have different traits. If you’re lucky you’ll get the pink pheno type!


My strawberry kush this year