Strawberry kush day 50


Continuing the discussion from Purple haze grow:

Just wanted to show my ilgm gen love them all my Purple hase is still in the veg area but someone said they were litte buds. Now what you think they are :wink:



Can’t there is no picture of them…lol


Sorry they are in the wrong place


Love that strawberry


Garrigan this is the finish day 58 strawberry. Kush. I love them



Have you thought of using them for MISTLETOE LMAO But they look awesome



Thanks Will it’s using the right seeds like the ones Bergman labs have. shout out to the whole team thank you all :grinning: I have always got nothing but top shelf gen!!#!!!


Very nice looking plant.


Thanks love the that strawberry


A couple of small Strawberry K buds from ILGM seeds. Check out the freaking color it’s red.


They are beauitful good job what you use for lights i use leds for everything