Strawberry kush and white widow


Just got the beans ordered ten white widow and three strawberry kush. I have pre made my soil. A mix of reg potting soil…not miracle grow lol bad experience…same amount of perlite maybe a little more for good drainage… 1/3 of a cup fox farms bat guano 0-5-0…1/3 cup plus a hand full worm casings… 1/3 cup tomato tone 3-4-6…1/3 cup blood meal… I have a veg chamber made stealth out of a old cabinet here’s a pic just storing everything in there for now waiting on my tent to get here soon

I have one of each strain in a little thing of distilled water I have a Ph meter that reads fertility Ph and temp…not sure if I could use that for pain water without soil?

Fox farm trio of nutes on the way also… Trying to think of anything else…I’ll have plenty more questions I’m sure lol help is absolutely needed over here lol only my second grow first one is a sad story lol this one I’m going all in!!!


Holy crap they cracked within hours of being in a cup of water they are now in soil…watered and now I’m just waiting


Like most things in life @Bobbyb, the waiting really is the hardest part. :wink:

Looks like you are off to a great start. GL - I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!


OK so update… Good and bad news… My veg box was running way to hot… Like 90 and I believe I might have cooked the one SK and possibly the WW…they might pull through though the SK sprouted but like I said might have been cooked… I put two more WW in a cup of distilled water for 24 hours and planted them…still no sprout but no worries…I just got my tent and light and put them together…next to buy is the carbon filter and fan… I know the picture sucks but here is a pic of the tent and light…not set up at all yet…just wanted to get the plants under the led as quick as possible

I’m going to be doing a scrog with one of those old man shopping carts I took apart… I like it lol wait till you guys see it you will know what I’m talking about lol. …
Any questions I’ll be more than happy to answer but am a beginner myself with one full grow under my belt that was truly nothing but a learning experience lol


A little bit better set up for now until the rest of my stuff comes…


OK so after many many many beginner and impatient mistakes… I have a update

The two upfront are Ilgm white widow and the two I’m the back are Ilgm strawberry kush!!! All germinated days apart… Just watering with spoon when needed… Lights are on 24/7 until I get a timer…once they are big enough to judge I will be taking clones to my veg box to get my perpetual in motion so I can self sustain…I just had a three level spinal fusion done just about five months ago and still have really bad nerve pain…cannabis makes my life so much easier and obviously not pain free but liveable…anyway enough of a rant stay tuned for regular updates!!! Hope your as excited as I am!!!


Looking good Bobby! …keep us updated


same here got hurt at work had c-4,5,6 fused still hurts like a sumbitch the herb doesn’t really help to much with the pain but i can say it helps if it gives me a excuse to smoke as much as i do


I had L3-S1 fused and it helps a little bit with the lyrica I’m taking but hopefully I can get off that as soon as possible I really don’t like pham at all… And I’m deff a ounce a week smoked a week plus I need like a half o for edablies lol probably more once it’s right infromt of me…


yea I don’t do the the pain meds just push it to the limit eveyday wake up and do it agin tomorrow •|||||||• you only live once •|||||||•


Haha hell yeah someone like me lol I hate those things…just stay high all day everyday…if for nothing less the stress of everyday life I would smoke the same lol


Update down to one white widow and two strawberry kush… Didn’t make the germination…no biggie tent is too small for four plants…but that one white widow is thriving so far… I did plant her first though…just watered yesterday with two table spoons…water is off a filter I have on my tap and then I leave the cap off to filter it some more and let whatever impurities evaporate off…


Update…so far so good. The white widow is thriving So far… The two strawberry kush are not fare behind though…watered last night still spoon feeding these baby girls… Started 18/6 yesterday when the last strawberry kush started to show a little green… Here’s a pic


Transplanted the white widow seen roots out of the bottom of her tiny little homemade pot…let’s see how that goes… Fingers always crossed


Ok just transplanted the two strawberry kush… Had to make a makeshift pot out of a tea jug…it’ll work lol… It’s prob a little early for the one but it’s not easy to do all this gardening with a bunch of titanium as part of your spine…and i was down there already so why not…

And here is the white widow for shits and giggles


You probably should have waited to transplant them until they got fully established in the solo cups. It helps them grow bigger and better when transplanted at the right times. But you’ll be good @Bobbyb


Yeah I figured that…just didn’t want the roots to get stuck at the bottom where he holes I cut for drainage are sharp and would certainly harm the roots…and there’s deff a bit of impatience there also lol the widow was just a big when transplanted and had very little to no shock and just kept going I’m hoping the SK does the same


Just watered them all today… Distilled water from the tap but filtered… Temps are good highest so far has been 84 lowest 63 im hoping the low temps in the ac cooled room will make some beautiful colors of the SK!!! So impatient waiting for these to get bigger to transplant into their final homes and then grow through the cheesy homemade screen… So much further to go :joy:


Here are some pics from today


Got some updated pictures and a ?..I have the fox farm trio and before I bought that I bought something called Neptune’s harvest organic fish fertilizer 2-4-1…can i mix the four of them or will that just create problems or should I not feed them anything until they show a defenency of some kind considering I mixed my own soil…exact mix is above in this forum somewhere… If I was going to feed I know not yet… Or really anytime soon… But asking for future reference thanks in advance… HAPPY DAZEEEE :slight_smile:️ Here are the lady’s