Strawberry kush and white widow challenge


I know what you mean there. It took me an average of three days each to hand trim my two girls.


Thanks for the info. I have it bookmarked for both. :grin:


That’s right Darren. Freeze it.


@willd’s bubble hash method part II

So you are going to lift the first bag out and drain it really well. I even kind of wring it out.
Set it aside in another empty bucket once it’s drained.
Each successive bag you remove will have hash in it. I bunch the seam in a ring where the net meets the fabric of the bag to make turning it inside out easier and cleaner.

I dip that bag back in the water to return the pile of goop to the next bag.
Some people collect it from each bag, but I just return each successive pile to the next bag until I get to the last one.
Once the last bag has drained of water I get it ready to turn inside out, but as I pull the sides down I insert an inverted Frisbee to stretch the net across to easily remove the pile of poo with a card.

I hope they provided a drying screen with your bags. If not you will need to acquire one.
Place the screen on a tea towel and put the pile of poo on the screen. Fold the screen & other half
of the towel over the pile and press the water out of it.
You can do this several times. just move the screen to a dry section of towel
Once you’ve pressed the water out remove the wad from the screen & place on cardboard to dry it out some more. If the wad of poo sticks to the screen place the whole thing in the freezer for a couple of minutes and it will come right off.

The reason I say to keep the first bag is because I ALWAYS run it again. After I take the hash out of the last bag I turn it right side in again and put it in an empty bucket. I put the first bag that still has all the trim in it inside that one and fill it back up with the used water. I agitate it a little and let it settle for 5-10 minutes. I remove that bag and wring it out well. Then I remove the last bag again and come up with another whole pile.I ran out of patience and time this afternoon so there is still one more batch to make tomorrow.
WooHoo :open_hands:


Ohhh :open_mouth: lots of bubble hash yummmmm :drooling_face:


Well I’ve got the gold leaf and the super silver haze both all trimmed and Jared up, weight coming soon and fingers crossed have a go at making some bubble hash, I can see me referring to your pictures a lot, thanks @Willd


some trichome pictures from today

Sun Nov 12 16-01-42

Sun Nov 12 16-00-01

Sun Nov 12 15-58-39

Sun Nov 12 15-58-25

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@willd’s bubble hash method part II

Mixing with the paint mixer and multi tool. Once it’s all agitated for about 10 minutes I dump into the bags that have already been set up.

Pile of trichs on inside out bag stretched over a upside-down Frisbee.

Screen on a dry tea towel.

Trichs dumped on the screen

Screen folded over

Towel folded over and pressing. Press, open the towel, move the folded screen to a dry spot on the towel, and repeat a couple of times until it doesn’t feel wet anymore

Remove from towel and open the screen to place the puck of pressed trichs on a piece of cardboard for 24-48 hours or longer to dry completely.Sometimes you might need to put the whole screen in the freezer for a few minutes to help release it from the drying screen


Here are some pictures from today, white widow and strawberry kush ,here’s white widow

And here’s the strawberry kush aswell

Here is some dried super silver haze

And some gold leaf

And jarred

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sweet @daz49


Oh yeah @bob31 definitely more dusty when dried after having the stem split bro, the 2 dried buds are super silver haze dried and the single one is dried gold leaf


A few more shots

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I finally got to testing the Strawberry Kush and I’m having trouble typing without looking. It’s still a tad moist so the grinder isn’t liking it. I cut it with scissors and it’s burning good. Definitely a sweet taste on the tip of the tongue and a tickle to the throat and nose at first. I doubt it will burn very well in the power hitter so I’m just puffing a joint like normal people do.

Well I was wrong.


Good to know brother, I hope it’s kicking you in the ass ,the buds are getting heavier on some branches and because they’re scrawny they are collapsing, I had to tie a few off


normal is no fun!


I have an entry I’d like to put forward for November BOM , she’s a gold leaf, purchased from ilgm, order number 150526 ,the order was for 5 gold leaf, 10 white widow and the fruity mix pack with 9 in them, here’s my entry,

i missed last months deadline so i’m putting my goldleaf in for November BOM ,please vote for me

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Dude, she’s a beauty and a half!
You have wait to post it in the November 2017 BOM topic once @latewood creates it though for everyone to vote on it.
I don’t think it’s been created yet since I can’t find it.


I thought I’d just put it in there my friend


I look forward to seeing how it holds up against the competition. I’m thinking you’re in pretty good shape.


Thanks my friend, she was a very pretty girl, she’s curing right now, I tagged you onto it to confirm I’ve put it in the right place, I’m glad I missed last month against your one lol