Strawberry kush and white widow challenge


It’s a lot bigger than I imagined it would be. Good luck with it and watch the fingers, definitely don’t want to lose anything.


Thanks @AnneBonny , I’ll be careful, it has 3 speeds, all of them very fast, so I would imagine it’s very easy to lose a fingrrtip or 2 if you don’t concentrate


@daz49, what did that set your sister back? money wise? I mean, likely be a difference in prices between there and here but. Seen em on amazon, but just wondered about them actually working to trim. Come trim time, I am looking at first 3 plants, then 4 to 6 the next. Since I have never trimmed, just how long does it normally take avg per plant? The plants I “harvested” back in the 70’s were not trimmed as they are today. Didnt know what it was other than cut the thing up, remove seeds and big leaves. Chop it all up. That was about it.


Yikes … way more involved … :wink:
not like it used to be lol… :wink:
:v: :sunglasses:


The trimming is all different to the plant but it takes hours and hours my first plant was a pound and it took me 2 days, with breaks ofcourse lol I did it sat down and after 3 hour’s I was super cramped and the machine cost £170


@daz49 well, I am looking more at ounces with my first ones rather than pounds or pound but I could be surprised. With all three in that tent I am looking about about 50 and more large colas so I guess ya never know… How does that machine trim? I mean…its just a screen on top and a bag underneath. It is puzzling to me. I mean, I cant sit for hours, I would be toking to be able to stay and if I did that wouldnt be worth crap. Would be too high to do anything. :yum::crazy_face: But that price to mention isnt that bad. I imagine they make smaller ones too that work well. Anyone have any recomendations that you can link to here. Like amazon…to be legal here on the forum.


Yeah amazon do a few , that’s where I got mine from, it actually works really well, most of the trim goes in the bag, but it is scary machine to use, I think it’s definitely a case of the more you use it, the better you’ll get,but definitely really fast and easy to use, saves a lot of time, so at least worth giving it a try


@daz49 looks like it would be pretty noisy too. Going to look in a trimmer but hope I can find one more suited to me. smaller and not so noisy. hopefully.


Yeah they do smaller bowl type one’s


@daz49 yea, have seen those with the hand cranks. Not sure if that would work for me with my arthritis the way it is in my hands and arms. Need someting with a motor but not too big.


There are a few that have the bowl type and @Willd uses one and rigs it up to his drill, and he does it like that


@daz49 Have seen those hand cranked bowl type. How does he hook the drill up. I have a small powered tool that has a flexible neck that might work. If he @Willd would chime in and let me know how he gooks his drill up, would appreciate it.


If I remember correctly he takes the handle off and rigs it up with a 14 mill socket and away you go


The square drive end the handle goes over on mine fits a 12pt socket. I have a 3/8 drive adapter for the drill. Mine fits 9/16” or 14mm socket. Because it’s square a regular six sided socket won’t work. It requires an eight point or 12 point socket


Thanks @Willd, I appreciate your help brother


@willd’s bubble hash method part I

Clean bucket of water clean empty bucket and bucket lined with bags.
Layer the shake and the ice evenly then fill with clean COLD water.

Agitate for 10 minutes then pour into the bags and let settle for 10 minutes.

I give a gentle manual stir halfway through that settling period.


Thanks @Willd that’s really set it out so you can do it yourself, really appreciate it bro


Thanks @Willd for chiming in with your help. I really appreciate it. I got the perfect setup to do the same thing.

Had to add…wow on your bubble bag doings. THAT is great.


It was actually perfect timing for me, so perfect it’s scary lol, I trimmed the super silver haze and today I trimmed the gold leaf today, so I got a bucket load of trimming ,not huge you amount but fair, @Willd do I need to freeze the trimmings as well,as that’s what I’ve done with mine, my trimmings are in the freezer


Thank you for the educational guide @Willd I’m excited to see your process! :+1: