Strawberry kush and white widow challenge


If it’s a small bud from lower on the plant than yes it could not be as ripe as the bigger ones on top you shoud check both…looking good @daz49


Thanks @WillyJ that’s just what I was thinking and thanks, I think for my 3rd grow, it aint to bad


Very nice…I’m have my third in flower now :+1:


@WillyJ those look good and sweet. Good going.


Well I had a treat through the post today, this is my trimmer, fingers crossed it doesn’t ruin my weed lol as in the utube clip I’ve seen it’s quite destructive, I hope not as it’s not a cheap gift from my sister, to save me hour’s of back breaking work

Has anyone got any experience with one of these
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Just be careful @daz49 , keep those hands and fingers safe!


Indeed my friend, it is really sharp and I don’t think it’d take much to end up with a little love bite or worse


I am usually completely stoned (every 2 hours we take a smoke break while we harvest and trim) is why I would be conserned. Just keep that blade in check and you should be fine. Are you going to use a bucket or bowl underneath?


Yes it comes with a fabric bag but I think I have a better idea and I have a big black drum that should be perfect, have you used one before


I have one that is similar to @Willd, crank driven. The blade is under a dome with no issues so far with accidents. Also I’d suggest you don’t wear loose clothes or jewelry that may dangle into the machine.


I’ve got a lot of industrial job experience with heavy machinery so I’m all about safety. Nothing ruins your day like gut wrenching screams from on the job injuries. Stay safe buddy!


Thanks my friend, I’m all about the safety myself


If you are super worried about getting nipped, used some chainsaw gloves or heavy duty gloves that can take a shot with a knife.


I was thinking just that myself, at least until I’ve used it a few times and more aware of the risks, thanks buddy


I use scissors. My friends have done all various methods. Even down to payin 10k for a huge machine.All methods still involve scissors at some stage. Gotta get back on those big fan leaves and larger ones and get the base snipped near the trunk or stem. Lots of people just trim along the surface of flower but this leaves an incredible amount of leaf still on it that’s hidden til you smoke or it cures further.


Machine looks really nice though! Nice sister.


That’s the jumbo trimmer! Nice @daz49


Wtf is that? It looks more like a massive muller more then a “Trimmer”. Or a heavy duty exhaust fan. Lol, I thought ', trimmers looked more like old school electric pencil sharpeners. Can you show some before and after bud porn please? How does bud not go everywhere like Edward Scissorhands?


I have tried it out and it does fling a certain amount all over the place, I don’t know whether to persist with it or try to have it replaced and get one of bowl one’s


I dunno, it does have a nice paint job, it looks well made…the whole issue is beyond me, I’m happy with my spring action scissors, lol, it’s not so tough a few plants every 4-5 months :wink: