Strawberry kush and white widow challenge


So here are the super silver haze and the gold leaf after 50 hour’s dark

So harvested them tonight and here they are hanging ,here’s the gold leaf

And here they are hanging together, the super silver haze is on the right

This is just my method of drying, everyone has their own way

I could do with those like clip onhanging scales, like fishing scales and I could get the weights for you but I just can’t

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Wow, Daz, that’s some serious buds! Is that giant bud the GL? @daz49


Yeah that’s the gold leaf and thanks brother


@daz49 those are some fantastic looking buds there bud. Those coloas up first, those are the gold leaf ones I assume. They looking sweet and tasty my friend. You done good. So did your girls.


thanks my friend ,yeah that was the gold leaf ,i put a lot of love into those girls


got my digi kitchen scales ordered and an electronic trimmer to make it easier ,hope it gets here in time but feeling a bit spoilt :smile:


add a little colour into your life :wink:


@daz49 nice photo. Love it. Am into photography. Dont get out to take many nowadays. Love the mountains…not many where I am now. Appreciate the color and looks. Thanks bud.


@daz49…that’s a beautiful bud and an abundant harvest, nice job my friend :yum:


Thanks @kabongster my brother, you helped me a lot along the way, on all my grows, thanks kind sir,and the scales have arrived


Awesome job! @daz49


Thanks my friend, I’ve still got the strawberry and the white widow to finish off and then I have 2 ready to go into the room


That is a nice harvest @daz49! My GL was ravaged by spider mites and I had to take it early and it’s worthIess. Love that photograph. I grew up in a place where I could see the Teton Mountains from our front window on a clear day and I do so miss that here in the flatlands! :green_heart: :seedling:


That’s the way to do it!


@Blasting ,here I have 2 just finished and drying, I have 2 more in the tent that may have another month, and there’s 2 in there, and I have 2 more ready to go in when they finish, they are in my light garden on 18/6 but now the there is room in the tent, I’m bringing them 2 into the tent and putting them back into the light garden at night,I hope that helps you out brother


So you split their stem 2 days prior to taking them out the tent and putting them in a dark room for 2 more days and then harversting?


Yeah that’s right you got it buddy, I mean I think it easy to do and the potential benefits if it works and nothing to lose from trying it


Right,will def try it :slight_smile: thanks man


tag me my friend , id definately like to see it ,have you got anyway of checking the trichomes before and after ,i have a microscope so i can do it but you can see the difference ,specially this time ,the look almost like they have been dipped in icing sugar ,i just hope they keep it


I am on my first grow only, my girls are still vegging and I am waiting on my 39x39 tent to get here wednesday to have more space and start flowering soon :slight_smile: Will tag you :slight_smile:


just took off a couple of little buds to check out the trichomes from the strawberry kush and here’s what we got

Mon Nov 06 21-51-31

Mon Nov 06 21-51-58

Mon Nov 06 21-52-31

i think it looks like mostly milky or even clear ,but maybe thats because they are small buds,Would That Be Right @bob31 would the trichomes on a little bud be different than the ones on a bigger ones
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