Strawberry kush and white widow challenge


Omg @Tylan it was actually so much fun, now they have total darkness for 48 hour’s and then harvest Sunday I think whoop whoop


That’s beautimous!


Wow , that’s gonna be nice smoke once they cure… Good job brother @daz49


Thanks everyone, they are looking really heavy and frosty


Wowie! You done good kid. Your skills just keep improving. Holy Sh*t


Thanks you my friend, I do hope to impress you cos I value your opinion, it’s with the help of you and others in this group, thanks bro


@daz49 good job brother, don’t forget to post your weights.


Thanks my friend and will do,they are looking pretty nice atm and I’m hoping they will be all the more frosty after 2 days of dark and then ready for harvest


They look amazing @daz49 I think I started this grow with you and then somehow got lost! Took me awhile to get back through what I had missed. Nice job. They are beautiful and show your love for them :green_heart::seedling:


Thanks my friend yeah I think the 2 that are finishing are looking great and hopefully they will appreciate the dark and show their appreciation with loads more trichomes, left the room looking a little empty now, but I’ve moved them around a bit and strung my white widow up like a puppet on a string, well loads of string lol and I was watering the blueberry and the other white widow ,squeezed in together under the fluorescent light and I suddenly thought they could come in with the tent with the white widow and the strawberry kush, I’m not going to get a lot of weight from the kush in the end though


Here’s how the rooms looking at the moment

I hope you can see from these shots how different the buds are, the white widow has huge cola’s

And then you have the kush,much smaller buds and they look totally different

I’m not going to get anywhere near so much in finished weight but I’m sure it’ll smoke nicely, I thought I’d bring my next grow ,the white widow and blueberry in for a few hours a day to let them breath in the big room

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just before I left to do errands I learned my step son is coming to visit today so I postponed the bubble Hash til tomorrow or later tonight so he can learn too and play cameraman

Because of the recent power outage in the region many stores have 20 lb bags of ice for sale instead of the common 5-8 lb bags.


So how much ice do I need ready? Thanks for letting me know brother oh and I need to freeze the leaves and buds right


I usually use two 8 lb bags for 100- 200 grams of sugar leaf per batch I think.
Somewhere around 7 kilos then right?
I try not to over stuff the bag with sugar leaf. Then I use a portable drill with a 5gal paint mixer attachment. The sugar leaf needs to be frozen too yes siree. mix it for about 10 minutes continuously
I use 2 buckets so not to wreck the bag running the drill mixer inside them. I put all the duff, ice, and water in the first one and mix the living hell out of it and then I dump it into the bag setup and let it settle for 5 minutes and give it a gentle mixing manually and settle another 5 before pulling out the 220 µ bag. Sometimes I use 3 buckets and another bag of ice to really chill the water good before I add it to the ice and duff.

Kinda going off memory from 2015 when I learned, so if anyone has tips or tricks, speak up!
if you have an electric toothbrush you can dunk the head into the bucket/bags to make additional ultrasonic vibration to make more trichs separate from the leaf.


Thanks brother ,I’ll look forward to seeing you do it, mine should be ready soon


here are some strawberry kush trichomes from tonight
Fri Nov 03 22-31-29

Fri Nov 03 22-30-39

Fri Nov 03 22-29-54

Fri Nov 03 22-29-31

what do you think everyone
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To me, looks like it’s got tht good ratio of cloudy to amber… IMHO @daz49


yeah thats what i was thinking my friend ,looks like maybe early next week for harvest then ,they will be keeping me busy with the super silver haze and the gold leaf this weekend to lol oh the worries i have :wink:
Actually maybe split the stem early in the week first oops can’t forget that can I


Thanks so much for doing this for me, I have just had a mechanical trimmer ordered for me, now I hope I get it in time, I mean whoop whoop and I’m very happy, so doing the bubble hash should be much easier if I don’t have to trim it all by hand


daz49 those are some succulent looking buds for sure. The tricombs look juicy for sure. You got some great plants there guy. :crossed_fingers: