Strawberry kush and white widow challenge


Ok then, so I’ve done it ,split the stem on both the gold leaf clone and the super silver haze, this is super silver haze with the cable ties on

And here’s the stem split

And here is the gold leaf with the cable ties on ready

And here she is with the cable ties on

Here you can see them both

And here is a little nugget of super silver haze that broke off in all the commotion

@Countryboyjvd1971 @Lenny77 @kabongster @Zombo @peachfuzz @Coltfire @HighDesertFarmer @AnneBonny magnum again lol
So @WillyJ what do you think of mine


Luscious ladies @daz49


Thanks my friend, it was more fun this time round


Nicely done Darren! I haven’t done a stem split yet. Maybe this time around.


Thanks my friend, I did it with my last grow goldy my gold leaf, so definitely wanted to do it this time


Nice job @daz49 get a second picture when your done and just before harvest


Indeed I will brother no worries


Nice thick stem… Can’t do that , my stems are too thin @daz49


Yeah you definitely need fat stems


Awesome @daz49! And the countdown begins :sunglasses::relieved:


thanks my friend ,yes indeed,2 days light then 2 days dark and then harvest whoop whoop


I’m sure it was hard to choke those down @daz49 but you did it for the girls. The sacrifices we make for the grow. They look great. No human flesh was damaged this time around I hope.


Not this time lol it was much better this time and yes again I had to force the magnums down but it’s a worthwhile cause So again I took 1 for the team lol


Mmmmmm Magnums.


Ain’t they just the ideal lolly sticks to have @Powaforce and I’m sure we’d all take one or two of those for the home team lol


ok here are the super silver haze and the gold leaf trichomes 2 days after splitting the stem

Thu Nov 02 20-11-48
Thu Nov 02 20-12-33
Thu Nov 02 20-13-24

@Willd @SmoknGranny @DoomSack @Myfriendis410 @Majiktoker @HighDesertFarmer


Ok here’s the fun bit, moving the super silver haze and gold leaf into their dark room for 2 days, so here’s how they looked

They were both so sticky and the aroma coming from them was so sweet,the buds were so heavy I had to wrap them up like a Christmas tree

@Willd @kabongster @Zombo @DoomSack @Coltfire @Myfriendis410 @HighDesertFarmer @Countryboyjvd1971 @Tylan


@daz49, they look so yummy, well done


Don’t they just lol, believe it or not, I took my top off so that I wouldn’t transfer any of my dog hair onto my plants, and I come out smelling scrumptious, for hours and so sticky afterwards but hey there’s worse problems to have right lol


@daz49 oh man looks so good! I bet you were so giddy I know I would be!