Strawberry kush and white widow challenge


Thanks, I hope I don’t find anymore, I have looked and looked after finding each seed and I can’t find nothing


I got 12 off of my last blueberry. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Ya got nothing to worry about! @daz49


Cheers @bob31 brother, that takes a weight off, so wot did you think of the trichomes


they are close @daz49 Is that the one you are going or did split?


It’s both the ssh and the gl clone that I will stem split together, but the gold leaf looks more milky and the ssh has more amber but maybe 50 /50 split, so I thought check sunday


Sounds like a plan. Exactly what I would do! @daz49


Ok then thanks everyone, panick over, I’m told it’s normal to find a few


I had same freak out. If it’s just a few you’re good to go.


I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled, hopefully none or at least not many more i hope, thanks brother

@Mikos this is my 3rd grow, please check it out


here are the super silver haze today
Sun Oct 29 15-56-07
Sun Oct 29 15-58-20
Sun Oct 29 15-56-59

she’s really close for stem splitting ,who’s the stem splitting master on here @bob31


here is the gold leaf today
Sun Oct 29 16-19-02
Sun Oct 29 16-19-14
Sun Oct 29 16-18-28
Sun Oct 29 16-18-12


i decided to try the strawberry kush and here’s how she looked
Sun Oct 29 16-25-29
Sun Oct 29 16-25-15
Sun Oct 29 16-24-53
Sun Oct 29 16-24-34


From those pics, I’m leading toward your good go, harvest time!.. @daz49… Maybe one more week or so IMO


Thanks yeah i’m thinking maybe stem splitting Monday ish, see how the trichomes look


Happy Sunday @Zombo

and nice looking trichs @daz49 …I’m thinking of splitting a couple of stems on my plant, I dunno yet…that or a partial harvest, a few buds at a time, as they mature


Well here’s how the room is looking today and this is how I’m greeted

Now for some bud shots ,white widow



Happy Sunday @kabongster… You bring up a good idea… Since I’m not gonna split my stems, I may do partial harvest method… That can be an option since I have 1 plant that looks further along than the others… Based on brown pistils at bud sites… I still have clear to cloudy trichomes but I can’t believe I would wait any longer than 2 weeks more for my harvest.


Great pics @daz49… Happy plants you have… Good harvest coming brother



iv’e decided i’m going to split the stem tonight