Strawberry kush and white widow challenge


Sounds good to me brother
And yeah no worries @daz49 if I’m around my Brian is your brain lol
Al though I should warn you I’ve done some damage to it ove the years hahaha


Lol appreciate the help, I will document it of course


FYI I’m outta likes :+1:
So here :yellow_heart::yellow_heart:
You remember it someday I forget stuff all the Rhine and need to ask someone or whatever to get my memory going again @daz49


Your autocorrect isn’t helping convince me you didn’t do damage hahahaha just playing bro :yum:


Yeah just needs a kick start, I thought It was that but wanted to ask to be sure, specially since its 2 plant’s


Stem splitting almost seems like a no brainier. All the benefits none of the negatives. I’m going to be doing that on mine as well.


Yeah you definitely should, I found it a lot more of a push than I expected but when I upgraded to a hammer and screwdriver I was fine, so expect a push my friend


@Tylan imo you can’t loose
If you’ve committed to a harvest day
Just go for it
If you have two of the same strain do one not the other for comparison lol
As you said it’s a no brainer
I don’t always do it but have and it does work :v:️CB :cowboy_hat_face:
I actually use a few different size screw drivers a flat blade start with a small one and Work up
Also what lace wire ties above and below area you want to send kit to keep split fro traveling all the easy up stem


Yeah got it all covered with cable ties and yeah I started with a slim sharp blade before I moved up to the screwdriver :slight_smile:


Just be careful when using a knife or similar item guys
You need to put a good amount of pressure on it to get it to start pushing threw stem but once it’s starts is easy breezy lol @daz49 @Tylan


yes indeed ,i did actually cut myself last time lol ,no matter how safe i was trying to be but yeah like you say it just gives so be ready for that


Yum! @Daz49 break out the box of Magnum bars and get eating so your ready! I actually haven’t split a stem yet. I plan to do it when my blue dream and grapefruit are ready but that won’t be until close to Christmas. Can’t wait to follow how it goes on your second run.


Yo @daz49 I split mine for like 4 days or somethin then just chopped down and started wash and drying


Thanks my friend, looks like stem splitting for 2 of them Friday, whoop whoop, I can’t friggin wait whoop whoop


these are the gold leaf this morning
Fri Oct 27 14-41-32
Fri Oct 27 14-40-13
Fri Oct 27 14-40-12
Fri Oct 27 14-39-32

i’m thinking they are looking more milky than amber at the moment

@bob31 @Coltfire @peachfuzz @DoomSack


here are the super silver haze this afternoon
Fri Oct 27 14-57-14
Fri Oct 27 14-56-58
Fri Oct 27 14-56-33
Fri Oct 27 14-56-19

a few more amber in these ones but i’m definitely looking for more amber this time ,wait a bit longer i think

@bob31 @peachfuzz @DoomSack @SmoknGranny @Smokin_ernie @Coltfire


I had to take all of mine at milky due to weather. So I think it’s what you want to get as far as the high. There’s a chart here somewhere :thinking:


Yeah I’ve had them mostly milky and the nearly all milky but a few amber, so this time I’m going to concentrate on more amber


I am discovering bad news tonight, just pulled a seed off my strawberry, along with the 2 I have so far from what I cut and dried from the gold leaf and the super silver haze, I don’t if 1 or both of these have the odd seed but I can’t see any male parts or little bananas on any of the plants, so worried, what should I do

@Willd @kabongster @Myfriendis410 @Hogmaster @HighDesertFarmer @bob31 @Coltfire


I think an occasional seed is going to happen. Nothing to worry about.