Strawberry kush and white widow challenge


I had to put her and a ww into the tent a bit early and the other half of the tent the 2 are scrogged and tried to take up as much room as they could but the white widow grew short but fat strong branches, but the strawberry grew really like stringy then shot up and most of her branches are quite weak looking, healthy and all just not fat like all the other 3, and her buds are totally different, would you be up for checking out a few pictures


Sure, would be glad to look at the pictures. Here is the ones that I grew.


Cool thanks ,here she is

This is how mine grew and looks and how her buds look,i see what you mean about yours ,a tatally different grow but the buds look similar ,mine are tied up a bit to help them support the buds


shots from the super silver haze late last night
Wed Oct 25 01-38-15
Wed Oct 25 01-39-04
Wed Oct 25 01-40-05
Wed Oct 25 01-40-45
Wed Oct 25 01-43-13

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a scope to take photos is on my Christmas list, I want photos like yours :wink:…following the plants progress and the other changes is exciting and fun at such detail!


Christmas list phoee to that, get it now it’s only cheap lol I want to use it on my phone but still having problems right now bro


I want something compatible with my kindle fire tablet


It comes fitted with a USB and it has a disc which is easy for the laptop but not so easy for me phone lol but highdesertfarmer uses it with his phone but his just worked


I use my scope with my phone, but i had to download an app to run it @daz49


Thanks brother, which app and what phone you got ? So you got the same one have you @bob31


@daz49 The app I use is Teslong Camera. I think I have the same scope as @bob31. Saw him link it one day and snagged it. I don’t have the tripod he uses though.



It’s different like @Tylan mentioned. But I worked in IT for 20 years before I retired and most everything requires an app when running it off of a smartphone. I have never found anything that was plug and play.


Thanks everyone, tried that one and many others and it’s just not working, how is it that it recognises my microscope enough to turn on the light, which is what happens when it’s plugged in to the laptop, but it just won’t work, I’ll keep trying


here’s some trichomes from the super silver haze tonight
Wed Oct 25 19-24-49
Wed Oct 25 19-24-09
Wed Oct 25 19-23-35
Wed Oct 25 19-22-49


here are the gold leaf from tonight
Wed Oct 25 19-38-39
Wed Oct 25 19-38-21
Wed Oct 25 19-41-24

I think its stem splitting time thursday or friday ,what do you think ,I’m seeing a fair amount of amber

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I’m ready if you are @daz49 hahaha WooHoo split that stem buddy


So after stem splitting, it’s 2 days light then 2 days dark before harvesting, is that right my friend, I want to ask now before I do it


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Or anyone else who has done the stem splitting, can you help me with what I do after I have split the stem


I split my stem two days before I put them in the dark period so it would be 4 days from actual harvest
You can do it up to 7 days before tho @daz49


Cheers bro,I did it before with my gold leaf but I’m pretty trashed and Ive gone through my thread on that bit, so to be clear split stem Friday, Monday dark and Wednesday harvest ?